Somebody said, "Life shows itself in mysterious ways."

It's cliched, but it's true: you have to give to Gump; life is like a box of chocolates. Who knows what is going to happen from one day to the next? And the previous few years have done nothing except confirming that - and affirm it loudly.

We're just halfway through the year, although the year is already shaping up to be the strongest recorded. We can't realize anything other than this, yet we didn't anticipate how odd it would get. This week has become a head-scratcher, with charges of abuse against sports franchise mascots and actor-puppet romances.

This is particularly true in the news. You're sure to uncover a clutch of headlines that fry your noodle if you can see just a small sample of them. Over a dozen (much endangered) condors felt her house would make a perfect new home for them when one California woman awoke one day. Here's the whole thing, plus 11 more:

Try not to yell "Wtf!" at least once while reading this list. I challenge you to do so.

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