In the old days, from the time the video started spinning until it stopped, a camera shot was generally composed of a series of frames filmed in a continuous sequence.

We had NO idea how they made those gross, glistening eggs in the ‘Aliens’ franchise. We were also surprised to learn when and where CGI pubes were employed. Don't even get us started on the wild stuff they pulled when making Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…we wonder if any of the cast ever got to swim in the chocolate river.

You would have assumed that The Phantom Menace was almost all CGI with the exception of (most) of the actors, but it turns out that they went with a low-tech approach. In some ways, it's astonishingly low-tech. So if you want all of the details on famous cinematic shots with surprising back stories, here are all of the details, as well as 14 additional stories:

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