Look, there's a lot of cool, wholesome stuff in here – folks paying back their parents, indulging in childhood fantasies, and consuming colon-destroying amounts of barbequed meats. But we're gonna level with ya: nothing beats hearing Rupert Grint talk about his ice cream truck.

Johnny Depp bought a horse farm for Betty Sue He somehow resisted the urge to spend his first big check on 3 lifetimes' supply of neckerchiefs, and instead bought his mom a horse farm in Kentucky: Betty Sue, I worshipped her.

Donald Glover bought forbidden snacks CRACKED COM When Jimmy Kimmel asked him how he spent his first 30 Rock check, he said Can I be honest? Like, Gushers. I wasn't allowed to have candy as a kid, SO I was like, 'I'm balling.

Shaa spent a million bucks in an hour CRACKED.COM A good chunk of that went toward cars and house payments for his parents, but he admits a lot of it was frivolous, too: gotta buy rings and diamonds and earrings.

Dave Grohl got a beach house... and too much BBQ He says the first thing l did was buy a beach house in North Carolina... I ate pulled pork *ckin' from the time I was 22 'til about 25 years old. That love of BBQ never left him - after

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Kerry Washington stashed it under her mattress the rop Opo Met Mlit She was astounded by the per diem she was given for Save the Last Dance: I couldn't believe somebody was handing me cash, and I literally used to hide it under my mattress. She later dug into

Nate Burleson bought fake jewelry He also helped his parents pay off some bills, but by far the most briliant investment was a fake watch and chain: in my mind, I thought no one is going to question if they were real, because I was an NFL player.

Nicole Kidman bought a washing machine CRACKED COM She says that one of her first purchases was some boots for myself that were, like, the coolest boots I'd ever seen in my life. But she took care of her parents first: 'I bought my mom and dad a washing machine.

Jennifer Lopez bought a car (and dumped her boyfriend) J. Lo says she got rid of her 10-year boyfriend at the same time she got rid of the old Honda that Keenan Ivory Wayans had given her years earlier: That's it. The hatchback is out, and So are you!

Serena Williams took it to the drive-through KIA CRACKEDcO ..specifically, the bank drive-through: I went through the drive-through to deposit my check, and then they were like, 'I think you need to come in for this.

Lil Wayne tried to pay back his mom CRACKED.COM He tried to give his first $6,500 check to his mom, but she refused. At that point, he went straight to Nissan and bought a Pathfinder.

Rami Malek bought an espresso machine CRACKED.cO He spent his Mr. Robot cash learning to create the perfect espresso: I ended up spending that paycheck on my own personal espresso machine. I think I figured that sh*t out.

Brad Pitt bought a dumb lamp CRACKEDCONM He says he spent his first paycheck on a period Craftsman chair and a Frank Lloyd Wright- wannabe lamp.

Wiz Khalifa invested in black and yellow P He dropped $40k on a black and yellow 2011 Dodge Challenger - which later appeared in the video for his song Black and Yellow.

Lil Nas X took his family bowling CRACKEDcO He put his Old Town Road money to appropriately wholesome use: I took my family bowling. Like, everybody. It was a lot of uS, not just my immediate family.

Rupert Grint became an ice cream man CRACKED co He didn't just buy an ice cream truck as a joke; he's a bona fide ice cream man, cruising around town giving out candy for free: I keep my van well stocked. It's got a proper machine that dispenses Mr Whippy ice
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