Tell Us Now: 16 Product 'Upgrades' That Weren't Improvements

Smart technology isn't always that smart.
Tell Us Now: 16 Product 'Upgrades' That Weren't Improvements

It goes without saying that large corporate monoliths are not always the most innovative. With that said, companies in every industry are forced to constantly adapt to changing conditions and demands. As we’ve all seen, huge brands' attempts at innovation don't always work well.

The following are our picks for the major product failures of all time. We went through tens of millions of media pieces to find these production problems in a wide range of industries, including technology, consumer packaged products, ready meals, and electronics.

Evian has an advantageous position in the beverage market as among the most well-known pure water brands worldwide. In 2005, the company decided to expand its product line by producing a water-filled support brassiere. Unsurprisingly, the bra was a flop and was phased out soon after its debut.

"What is a product 'update' that isn't an improvement?" we asked Cracked readers on Facebook. And, wow, you don't think smart technology is all that smart, do you? Here are 16 of the most common complaints from readers like you...

TELL US NOW. MODERN SLOT MACHINES RIGCERS CC BE-SPINS FERTHIRET Stephen K. doesn't approve of making slot machines smarter, with computer chips and push buttons. I liked being cheated the old fashioned way by a one armed bandit.
TELL US NOW. TOUCH SCREENS 10:08 o D % D 10:08 1008 O05 cals mgsed 307051 TENAN A25'C AODGOGDHIDODO Rob S. shares, I appreciate the convenience and how it benefits gameslapps. However, when it came to texting, nothing beat the slide out keypad.
TELL US NOW. WINDOWS 8 09.00. NO MCN -20 @ 8 1o Aa Stephen C. describes, A tablet interface for computers... which by and large, do not have touchscreens. I get that they were really trying to push their Surface line, but Microsoft really should have figured that people like
TELL US NOW. SWIPE TO CAMERA open to up Swipe Ben S. doesn't approve of 'swipe to camera' from a locked screen on the iPhone. WORST. FEATURE. EVER!!! Why is my phone burning a hole in my pocket? Hey! How did my camera get turned on? Now my battery
TELL US NOW. SMART FRIDGES 1215. 1430 1200 Corote Eveot Macaco C. says, Your smart fridge costs $5k, is network connected, can pull up weather, recipes, has security holes for months at a time, sends activity data to Google, eto, but its shelving can't store the amount of food a
TELL US NOW. SMART APPLIANCES HOMEY B 0 01 Thomas M. says, I shouldn't have to worry about platform compatibility and software updates (that could simply brick the thing, btw) for something I just need to run when I push the button. Opening security holes in my home network
TELL US NOW. POWER WINDOWS Daniel S. says, They don't work when it's too cold out and the motors die eventuallyi forcing you to pay for a replacement. Good old fashioned crank windows and a little elbow grease works every time. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. HEADPHONE JACKS Gavin D. says, Far and away the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing Apple they didn't need a headphone jack in their phone. You innovate by REMOVING an entire feature? Cardinal sin. Let US pray: Oh Lawd, do NOT forgive them for they
TELL US NOW. COMMERCIAL MOP BUCKETS CAUTION CAUTION WET FLOOR WET FLOOR Matthew R. says, The modern 'update' is top-heavy and tips over SO easily, and the wideset caster wheels never cooperate with being pulled along - the old design glides smoothly behind you. All around fail and update to something
TELL US NOW. NON-STICK COOKWARE Josh T. says, Cast Iron is centuries old, lasts forever, and is actually much more environmentally friendly than almost anything else I can think of. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. CELL PHONE BATTERIES OC Kelly C. doesn't appreciate removing the ability to take your battery out of your cell phone. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. CD OBSOLETION MN 6dise mey heroee PUR SR VOE AUTO TUe FE IOLDNE Robert S. says, With all the infotainment systems' cars no longer come with CD players. Technology is great, but CDs still sound better and, unlike streaming services or DRM protected media, there's no risk
TELL US NOW. CAR TOUCHSCREENS Seiee HOME A 0o AN CO ALD Off Feore Camera AV Dislay William P. cites an issue with In-dash touchscreens in motor vehicles. So incredibly dangerous as an obvious distraction from driving which, let's be honest, is what one is supposed to be doing behind
TELL US NOW. ADOBE UPDATES Ps Phetoshoo Patrick C. says, At least keep the basic commands and tools consistent from version to version. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. CAR REMOTE Ji S. bemoans, I can't unlock my car without the button. When did keyholes become obsolete? I can't just open one door to grab a bag out of the passenger seat, I have to unlock the entire car. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. BIXBY SEP14 Bl>bl level THROUGH Bixkby \iello rewards NOW a at Earn iabry You're te O9 n Ramon S. says, I already have Google assistant AND Alexa on my phone. Do I need Bixby in there screwing with stuff too? CRACKED.COM
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