Tell Us Now: 18 Things We'd Tell Our Younger Self

Learn from others so you don't have to invent time travel.
Tell Us Now: 18 Things We'd Tell Our Younger Self

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What practical advice would you give your younger self?” We're thankful for you sharing all your hard-learned lessons. Pull up a chair and read what others said so you don't have to invent a time machine for yourself. 

TELL US NOW. WEAR SUNSCREEN Jennifer S. would tell a young self, Put on sunscreen, brush and floss every day, exercise, believe in yourself!
TELL US NOW. STUDY HARDER Brian B. shares, Try a little harder in high school. I was far too busy trying to impress people that eventually disappeared from my life, and I regret it because I could have learned SO much more.'
TELL US NOW. THIS TOO SHALL PASS Annika Y. says, Nothing lasts forever. Even the struggles of youth will be over one day, and the time will come when you'll be able to leave behind anything you want. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. PICK A PRACTICAL MAJOR Adam N. says, I realize now that I should have studied something more practical that I could have built a career out of first, and used that to support my creative dreams. And the fact of the matter is I've learned more about
TELL US NOW. SAVE MONEY WHILE YOU CAN Dylan D. would tell a younger self, Remember when you were 23 and working 70+ hours a week, with almost non-existent bills? SAVE AT LEAST HALF THAT MONEY. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. DON'T BE A -PLEASER Chantal R. shares, Don't look to others for confidence, find it for yourself. Don't be a people-pleaser because no matter how nice you are, someone is always going to hate you and others will use it to their advantage. It's ok to
TELL US NOW. DON'T EXPECT PEOPLE TO CHANGE Michael B. says, People can change..d but it's pretty damn rare, and takes decades or a major life-altering event.
TELL US NOW. DON'T DRINK Adam N. says, I pretty much threw away most of my 20's getting blackout drunk almost daily, and it really messed me up for a while. I'm SO much happier now that I don't drink anymore.
TELL US NOW. PROGESS ISN'T LINEAR Briana S. says, I've spent most of my life struggling with my mental health, and it's hard to not get upset when it feels like I lose progress. So, every hour is a victory, and progress isn't linear.
TELL US NOW. HINDSIGHT'S 20/20 ANPLED Tim D. would tell a past self, Don't get married. Invest in Apple and Google stocks. e Don't sell your records.
TELL US NOW. GET A BETTER HAIRCUT Stephen C. says, Ditch the Hasselhoff mullet, it's 2009, not 1989. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. STAY HUMBLE Baicu S. says, Do not let your ego make your decisions for you.
TELL US NOW. DON'T SMOKE Cindy T. says, Don't EVER smoke a cigarette! There also is really no need to drink or do drugs. It really will bite you later. Also remember to give that extra hug to your niece You'll regret it if yOu don't.
TELL US NOW. DON'T BE CHEAP WHEN IT MATTERS Mark S. says, Don't worry about spending money on important things. Years later, you'll be sorry you saved a few bucks. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE T Chris G. says, Instead of going right into a four-year bachelor's program, start off at a community college and knock out general ed requirements while figuring out what the long-term plan is. Give it a year or two, and once yOu
TELL US NOW. DON'T TRY TO CHANGE PEOPLE Brittany C. says, If you find a guy who is broken and sad, do not try to fix him. He will break you in the process.
TELL US NOW. GET HELP EARLY Samantha F. says, Don't ignore the symptoms and pretend everything is fine. Get help early and stick to it. It's not healthy to lie in bed day after day, afraid to go out, and weeping constantly. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. NOTHING Macaco C. says, I wouldn't give my younger self advice because that will screw with my timeline.
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