14 Simpsons Guest Stars Who Played Themselves

There have been nearly 900 celebrity cameos on The Simpsons, earning a Guinness World Record for "Most Guest Stars Featured in a TV Series.” Many of the stars play Springfield characters, but here are 14 celebs who got the chance to play animated versions of themselves (15 if you count both Cheech and Chong). 


TONY BENNETT was the first guest to appear as himself CRACKEDC Bennett wasn't the show's first celebrity voice, but he was first to show up as an animated version of himself. He crooned in Season 2's Dancin' Homer, welcoming the family to Capital City, my home sweet swingin' home.



DANICA PATRICK was obligated to turn up in fans' fantasies CRAGKEDCOM At least that's what her contract says. Homer imagines a catfight between Danica and Marge before his fantasy turns and the two women beat him to a pulp. What they don't suspect, thinks Homer, is that I'm Into this.



RICKY GERVAIS is a Simpsons super-nerd The Simpsons is quite simply one of the best TV shows of all time, says fanboy Gervais, who played himself in Season 22. When people nitpick and say, That wasn't a very good season, I go, No ... but it was still the best

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PAUL RUDD hates his approachable, Everyman looks It's that common-man appeal that allows shlubs like Comic Book Guy to approach him with inane fan questions. If you had access to an Avengers-style quantum time loop, would you go back in time and not be in Dinner for Schmucks?

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SARAH SILVERMAN roasted Krusty's clown *SS Krusty, I grew up watching you. Er. I mean I threw up watching you. Krusty, bummed by the celebrity roast, seeks the approval of his father, Rabbi Krustofsky. (Spoiler alert: This is the one where Krusty's dad kicks the bucket.)

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JUDD APATOW finally made it to the big time CRAGKEDCOM When he was an unknown young comic, Apatow wrote a Simpsons spec script that went nowhere. After Judd mentioned it in an interview 25 years later, the script was made into an actual episode during Season 26. (His cameo was

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DAVIDLETTERMAN did recurring couch gags Not many couch gags took place outside the Simpsons living room, but the Letterman set was the host for two of them. The second was a tribute to the retiring talk show host, with a title card that read, We'll miss you, Dave.

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NEIL PATRICK HARRIS played himself playing Bart Young NPH portrayed Bart in the mostly inaccurate, made-for-TV potboiler Blood on the Blackboard: The Bart Simpson Story. When Principal Skinner spits in made-for-TV Bart's face? Not smart. BLAMMO!



LARRY KING starred as Larry King -twice GRAGKEDCOM The second Simpsons celeb to appear as himself, King moderated a fierce mayoral debate between Mayor Quimby and Sideshow Bob. On another episode, Homer believes he's dying and falls asleep to a recording of King reading the Bible.

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ELLEN DEGENERES is a Springfield semi-regular U:: eUrzz Ellen appeared in an episode where she judges singing talent with Moe, and another where tourists gawk at her and Anne Heche holding hands. Matt Groening also spoofed her Oscar host selfie, sneaking Homer and Bart into the festivities.

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CHEECH AND CHONG break up, man CRACKED.COM When Tommy Chong can't stomach one more stoner comedy bit, he's replaced by Homer in the new comedy duo Cheech and Chunk. Undaunted, Tommy recruits Principal Skinner for his new act: Teach and Chong.

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BROOKE SHIELDS had to hand it to Grandpa Simpson It's the Annual Cartoon Awards and Abe Simpson (taking credit for Bart and Lisa's work) wins for Outstanding Writing in a Cartoon Series. Brooke presents the award to Grandpa, planting a victory kiss on his cheek.

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ADAMWEST had a second career making cameos MEET ADAM WEST Besides showing up at a car show and dancing the Batusi on the classic Mr. Plow episode, West poked fun of himself on 30 Rock, Family Guy, SpongeBob Squarepants, the King of Queens, and Big Bang Theory.



HALLE BERRY represented Oscar royalty ORAOKED Bart is nominated for an Academy Award and Berry handed out the hardware. It's a satire of the Oscar acceptances where two people race to the stage, says producer AI Jean, and Homer and Bart are fighting to be the one that accepts.

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