15 Bizarre Facts About Famous, Giant Companies

15 Bizarre Facts About Famous, Giant Companies

You might find the name “Chuck E. Cheese” ridiculous, but it sure beats “Rick Rat’s Pizza.” Here’s that full story, and 14 more:

Whole Foods used to sell food made with prison labor. Stsodro t TEORW Haystack Mountain goat cheese, sold at Whole Foods, was made by inmates and the company sold it for nearly a decade they stopped only when a prison reform activist wrote to the CEO. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

In the '90s, Sega got a gift of $700 million from its president. He gave all his Sega shares back to the companyco for unclear reasons.

Source: BBC

Quaker Oats fed kids radioactive oatmeal in the '40s and 50s. SPRINTALLT That's according to a class action lawsuit from 1995-- apparently, Quaker Oats and MIT gave students at the Fernald State School oatmeal with radioactive iron and calcium. Quaker Oats and MIT settled out of court for $1.85 million.

Source: Chronicle

Samsung built the world's tallest building. They spent 11 months bidding for the contract to build Dubai's Burj Khalifa in 2004, and won, with a price tag of $306 million.

Source: BBC

Audio equipment company Bose is owned by MIT. BOE. Better through researche sound It was founded by MIT alum Amar Bose, and he gave MIT the majority of the stock in 2011. CRACKED.COM

Source: MIT

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