Tell Us Now: 21 Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Show

Sometimes secondary characters deserve a starring role.
Tell Us Now: 21 Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Show

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What minor TV character deserves their own spin-off?” And, wow, everyone is super thirsty for a Brooklyn Nine-Nine spin-off. We hear you, and we're here for it too. Read about those suggestions and more creative ideas for TV series below…

TELL US NOW. WALDO JERALDO FALDO FAMILY MATTERS Lisa L. shares, Over 20 years later and I'm still pissed Waldo Jeraldo Faldo from Family Matters never got a spin off.
TELL US NOW. TITUS ANDROMEDA UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT Bob W. says a TV show featuring Titus would either be really fun and entertaining or get ridiculously old very fast...
TELL US NOW. SID TOY STORY Michael B. imagines Sid in a series where he's become a bespoke toymaker, with a new toy each episode. Disney would eat up the merchandising like caviar & Sid would get the respect he's earned. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. DWIGHT SCHRUTE THE OFFICE Bruce D. says, Dwight Schrute needs a short series, no 10 seasons, just a whole 10 episodes should suffice. About his family, his upbringing, more Schrute weirdness and random pranks Jim setup even when they aren't in the office. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. MAUREEN PONDEROSA ALWAYS SUNNY Sarah D. says the character deserved a whole show about her transition into a cat. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. OBERYN MARTELL GAME OF THRONES Kelly W. wants to see a prequel for Oberyn, especiially his time with the Second Sons, his time in the fighting pits o all of it preparing for his thirst for vengeance for his dead sister.
TELL US NOW. LI'L SEBASTIAN PARKS AND REC Rick T. imagines a spin-off for the iconic horse, It could be like a Highway to Heaven/Incredible Hulk premise. Every episode he is somewhere else, changing someone's life in a small way. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. LEONARD COMMUNITY OC Peae e Mryting 6n Chris C. says, I want a parallel story where we just follow his shenanigans around and periodically see the study group up to their stuff in the bakcground.
TELL US NOW. KUIIL MANDALORIAN James B. wants a whole TV show featuring that dude on Mandalorian that says have spoken.'
TELL US NOW. KIRK GILMORE GIRLS -+hy Bile Elissa S. wants to see a whole show featured on the Gilmores' eccentric neighbor played by Sean Gunn. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. KHAN KING OF THE HIILL Paul K. imagines a show featuring Khan and his family from King of the Hill. An adult cartoon exploring the fish out of water Laotian family in Texas? A bipolar father, a genius daughter and a cutthroat mother? Can't wait. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. KEVIN AND RAYMOND HOLT BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Zach C. imagines a show for the couple, Just have the two of them running a bed and breakfast right outside the town of the country's biggest party college and watch ALL the money get made.
TELL US NOW. FAITH BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Andy E. shares, She was badass and troubled. But she was awesome and deserved to have more of her story told. I found her way more interesting than Angel. She could be a Slayer/watcher training any potentials. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. ELLA LOPEZ LUCIFER Sidney T. wants to see TV a show with the Forensic science lady Ella Lopez from Lucifer. Pair her with Mazikeen and it'd be gold.
TELL US NOW. IAN DUNCAN COMMUNITY SOMETHINP Adam N. says, I love the character- he's smarmy, manipulative and very funny. I could see a series where he goes to a new school, or perhaps goes home to England and has to learn to grow as a person and become more
TELL US NOW. DOUG JUDY AKA THE PONTIAC BANDIT BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 225 Robert C. shares, It'd be fun to see all the trouble he gets into when he's not with Jake.
TELL US NOW. CLIFF CLAVIN CHEERS John F. imagines a show starring Cliff, I would love to see him on his mail route passing his useless knowledge on to people, all of whom are annoyed but don't want to make him mad because they want their mail.
TELL US NOW. CABBAGE MERCHANT AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Karlo M. says a spin-off featuring this character is deserved because Dude is everywhere, he has seen things.
TELL US NOW. SHEPHERD BOOK FIREFLY Arnold W. says, A prequel series showing how he knows So much about the Alliance, the military, and criminal activities while still having the juice to command emergency treatment at an Alliance medical facility has everything You need for a bad-ass series.
TELL US NOW. ALFRED GOTHAM Jekca T. says, That character is always badass, and interesting. I want the early years, ending when Thomas Wayne met him.
TELL US NOW. AGATHA HARKNESS WANDAVISION Aimee M. shares, She was my fave from Wanda Vision, and I'd like to see her character fleshed out some more in her Own TV show.
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