14 Fascinating Final Wishes And Wills Of Famous People

14 Fascinating Final Wishes And Wills Of Famous People

A person's dying desire, no matter how outlandish, is usually always fulfilled as a final act of respect for the departed. Many famous people who accomplished tremendous acts in their life arranged for outlandish burials and funereal rites.

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are unusual, and some of this eccentricity even extends into death. Famous people's final will and testaments have included some fascinating clauses so that we can admire them even after they've passed away. (As a side note, many renowned people didn't leave wills, and their heirs had to go through a long and painful ordeal as a result, so consider this is a gentle reminder to write a will today.) Here are the celebrities that had the foresight to make a will and even threw in a fun twist to the proceedings.

Other deathbed requests, such as leaving huge amounts of money to a dog as well as organizing a wedding for a pet cat, seem to be simply odd. Here are 14 of the unique farewell wishes expressed by celebrities, famous figures, and other influential personalities.

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Source: TIME

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