12 Headlines That Sound Like They’re From A Parallel Universe

Goodbye EGOTting, hello ROing.
12 Headlines That Sound Like They’re From A Parallel Universe

It's become something of a cliche the last few years to say that we live in a simulation. What The Matrix started in 1999, Run The Jewels' El-P ran with in 2015 by tweeting about the Bearenstain Bears/Bearanstain Bears Mandela Affect, Donald Trump was elected president and no one could be it, and now every movie that comes out has some sort of multiverse in it. Not to mention Mark Zuckerberg's on going attempts to turn the entire internet and life in a boring, terrible, businessy-type version of Animal Crossing

But these weirdo quote-unquote “glitches in the Matrix” or whatever term we're using here 2022 (ugh it's gonna “glitch in the metaverse, isn't it?) have been around a long time. Truly, Glenn Close is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished living actresses. So accomplished, that one of her latest roles was nominated for two awards: an Oscar and *checks notes* … wait …

Here’s that full story, plus 11 others:

A Pennsylvania woman tried to eliminate her daughter's cheerleading rivals with deepfakes. She made fake photos of videos of the girls drinking, smoking, or naked, and sent them to her daughter's cheerleading coaches, all to try and get those girls off the team. She was charged with two misdemeanors.
We've found out that hanging rhinos upside down is important for their conservation. Researchers at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine found that airlifting the rhinos from inaccessible terrain in that position gives the rhinos more oxygen, which is really helpful because the drug used to tranquilize them lowers the level

Source: CNN

We're running out of Trappist monks, SO we might start running out of Trappist beer. Authentic Trappist beer requires that monks supervise its production, and fewer and fewer men are becoming monks, so there might not be any certified authentic Trappist beers around soon.

Source: WSJ

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