We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What unsolved mystery still haunts your hometown?” You all informed us of a lot of local, unsolved murders, which makes us question detectives' competence  across the world. Here are 14 heinous and heart-breaking crimes we may never know the circumstances….

TELL US NOW. THE BOWLING ALLEY MASSACRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO Gustavo G. informs US of the 1990 murders. Seven people, four of which were children, at a bowling alley were forced into a back room by two gunmen. They were all shot execution-style, and the room was lit on

Source: CNN

TELL US NOW. THE KILLING FIELDS LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS Flavio R. tells US of a desolate field where the bodies of 30 women and girls have disappeared or been found murdered. Most of the murders remain unsolved.

Source: CBS News

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