Most performers, we believe, would never agree to star in a movie they understood was going to be really bad. After all, the majority of individuals, including actors, enter new careers with the best intentions.

Even then, when you consider several of the turkeys in which cinemas finest have appeared over the decades, you have to question if a huge payday was the main reason they decided to leave their signature on the dotted line.

Also, there are times when celebrities dislike a film that most of us believe to be a masterpiece, and this is for a variety of unusual and odd reasons. Or if they were deserved or not, actors have made a choice to openly criticize one of their very own movies on several occasions.

Are you surprised after reading the above? So keep scrolling down and find this by yourself!

Do you think you despised Edward Cullen? Imagine how much Edward Cullen enraged Robert Pattinson!

Kate Winslet thought she'd sunk Titanic. To this day, she believes every choice she made - down to her -- American accent held the movie back: Every single scene, I'm like, 'Really? Really? You did it like that? Oh my God.

Source: Telegraph

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