14 Surprising Facts About Children's Book Authors

14 Surprising Facts About Children's Book Authors

I want you to go back in time in your mind and remember your favorite children's book. Think about the story, the characters, and illustrations that fill your mind. Think about the feelings you felt when reading it, back when your biggest worry was whether or not you could make it to the potty on time. Got that? Now, imagine the person who wrote that book for you. What do you have popping in your head? Is it a Mother Goose-like matron figure? A Mr. Rogers-type with a quirky bowtie? Clearly, it's someone with a sunny disposition who loves kids and has had no traumatic experiences.

Well, you're wrong. Some of the best children's book authors are frustrated cranks that don't really like children. And those that do like kids and write for them, they're making up for their childhoods which were lost to strife or tragedy.

Here's some real facts about the children's authors whose work you love:

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