15 Cool Movie Moments We Got Because The Money Ran Out

15 Cool Movie Moments We Got Because The Money Ran Out

Movie budgets are a weird thing. Many blockbuster films have the budget that could elevate a third-world country from its knees in the hopes to make a return that generates billions of dollars in the box office. Yet some of the best moments in cinema weren’t developed due to a large, wealthy budget. Actually, quite the opposite.

With need comes innovation and creativity, and several great films have churned out some great scenes, story points, and characters due to the reality that the filmmakers just ran out of money. Brilliant jokes and scenes are done because something broke on set. Sometimes a whole fictional planet gets destroyed in a movie because they couldn’t afford to shoot scenes on it. Even the iconic way zombies move in horror movies was done in the name of saving money.

Here are a few facts about famed movie moment that never would have happened if the filmmakers were given some extra cash on the day of shooting:

Breaking Bad's episode Fly was the product of the show going over its budget. Just moving production trucks to a new location cost $25,000-35,000, and they couldn't afford that, so they needed an episode contained in just one place. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

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