Before the Snyder Cut, there was George (Mad Max) Miller’s Justice League movie.  The film was greenlit and cast but the Writers Guild strike of 2008 killed production. Absent a reboot, these 11 events of Justice League: Mortal would have changed every DCEU movie that followed.

BATMAN is a killer CRACKED.COM So Batman severing Maxwell Lord's spine would have changed everything, given that Batman DOes Not Kill is canon. In the comic run that Justice League: Mortal is based on, Lord does indeed have his neck snapped. By Wonder Woman.

FLASH AND IRIS enjoy super-intimacy CRACKED COM In a DCEU first, viewers are subjected to a bonkers super-sex scene. Barry Allen, um, enters Iris by vibrating his molecules inside her, all of her, inside her very molecules.' She gasps! She glows! We're looking at PG-13 at a minimum.

WONDER WOMAN is an object of League lust CRACKED COM And when she tells everyone to stop checking her out, Flash suggests she put some pants on. Aquaman has the hots for the Amazon, the only reason he agrees to join the team. Its's a far cry from the elegance Gal

ARMIE HAMMER would have been a DCEU problem HGRACKEDCO Hammer was cast as Batman and would have been behind the wheel of the Batmobile for multiple films. Recent allegations are ugly and he's been dropped by both movie projects and his representation. That's one bit of recasting DC doesn't have

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THE FLASH sacrifices everything CRACKEDcO Maxwell Lord posesses the Flash's mind and Barry Allen realizes the only way out is by crashing into the 'speed barrier to kill himself. Wally West takes over as Flash and would have been the scarlet Speedster in subsequent films.

TALIA AL GHUL makes her debut - and exit CRACKEDcO In an alternate DCEU, Talia Al Ghul would have made her debut as Maxwell Lord's partner in crime. In a convoluted series of events, she dies with her mind inside a computer. Would that mean no Talia in Nolan's Dark Knight

AN OG VILLAIN shows up to take on the League Starro the Conquerer arrives in the final scene of Justice League: Mortal to battle the newly formed team. The starfish-shaped baddie was introduced in the Justice LeaguE of America's first comic book appearance in 1960.

MAXWELL LORD is not the guy from WW1984 This Max Lord is an actual mogul, not the wanna-be from the latest Wonder Woman movie. Lord is the big bad here Che takes over the world with tainted hamburgers of for real) and would not survive to show up in subsquent

ICONIC CHARACTERS are introduced on the big screen Justice League: Mortal would have seen the cinematic debut of two Justice LeaGUE mainstays: the Martian Manhunter and the John Stewart version of Green Lantern. Hugh S-Byrne and Common were cast as the heroes.

AQUAMAN has a hand made of water GRACKED COM In the comics, the King of Atlantis lost a hand in battle and was gifted a watery replacement by the Lady of the Lake. The new hand has shapeshifting H2O powers, but Aquaman is pretty salty about his permanent reminder of

SUPERMAN VS. WONDER WOMAN 6 CRACKED.COM Warner Brothers must really love the idea of Superman punching Wonder Woman- -seen here in George Miller's storyboards -- since this scene was resurrected by Zack Snyder for Justice League.
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