13 Interesting Facts About Science, Movies, History, And More

Maybe Mortal Kombat inspired many rave parties.
13 Interesting Facts About Science, Movies, History, And More

The best thing about knowing things is that you can secretly rank yourself compared to others around you. After all, they don't know the things you know, regardless of whether or not they should know them. Oh, yeah. That's so sweet that you know that and they don't. So good.

But what if they know something? Then you need to know something else to match up. It's no good for them to know more than you. Sitting there, knowing more, judging and secretly mocking you like you secretly mocked them. You can't let them win. You won't let them win. You will know more. You must know more.

Let us help you. We at Cracked gathered up some more stuff for you to know. Whenever you know less than you should, come back to this article. We have 13 things for you to know and fend off all others in your knowing competition.

Matthew Perry got Julia Roberts to guest-star in Friends by writing a paper on quantum physics. Perry asked her to come on the show, and she said she'd do it only if he wrote her a paper on quantum physics. Apparently, a day later, he wrote one and faxed it

Source: NME

The Mandalorian literally couldn't have been made without fans. The crew ran out of Stormtrooper costumes for a Season 1 scene, SO they got in touch with the local members of the 501st legion, a group of fans who wear and make super-accurate Stormtrooper costumes. The legionnaires showed up, in

Source: CBR


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