We all know the “news” stories about Batboy and other tabloid stories are nonsense. They’re just the absolute worst extent of a publication's need to bring attention to news stories via outrageous headlines. We’ve all been subject to clickbait on the Internet as well. Even the most respected journalist outlets veer into the absurd every once and a while. 

But what if the weird headline led to an actual bizarre and interesting story?

Sometimes it’s not clickbait. Sometimes cops really do play the Beverly Hills Cop theme whenever they’re filmed. Amazon did alter traffic light times to fight unionization. COVID-19 really did force new laws to be made for French office workers to legally eat lunch at their desks.

There are several stories out there that prove that the truth can be stranger, odder, and more bizarre than fiction. Here are a few headlines and brief news tidbits that you can use to kick off conversation at your next party:

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