16 Random Trivia Tidbits For The Ole' Noggin

Load these into your encephalon.
16 Random Trivia Tidbits For The Ole' Noggin

Have you ever heard our slogan, "Cracked: It comes fact-packed"? No, of course, you haven't -- we just made it up. What we didn't make up, though, is the high-quality info in this fact-pack (yes, we're determined to make that a thing). Browse them at your leisure, feel the knowledge soak your brain, and if you're still curious, just click the links for more detail. (We'll be around meanwhile, just pitching our new slogan to the site's higher-ups.)

There's something about random facts that just makes you feel smarter, isn't there? Like, even if you don't remember the fact itself, you can at least tell people that you know it and then sound really clever. Plus, they're a great way to keep your brain busy - especially when it feels like it's getting a little overloaded. So if you're looking for some interesting tidbits to store away for later or to distract yourself with for a few minutes, read on!

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