Tell Us Now: 16 Acts Of Passive-Aggressive Roommates

Tell Us Now: 16 Acts Of Passive-Aggressive Roommates

Roommates: you can't live with ‘em, can’t afford your apartment without ‘em. Look, if COVID-19 quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that being alone can take us to some sad and/or dark places. We all need human contact, and again: we seriously cannot afford this apartment unless you put your share of the rent check in the little mailbox on time, please. Yes, I know your boss is being a jerk about your paycheck this month and yes, I know that four of our roommates are literal actual rats, but I cannot tell my Mom I got evicted. I just can't dude.

Sometimes, your roommate is your best friend. Or even your spouse. Or even a total stranger. No matter what, you two (or three, or four, or five or…) are going to do some things that irritate each other. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What was the most passive-aggressive thing your roommate did?” and you all delivered some truly horrific stories for our entertainment. 

TELL US NOW. SCREWED OVER Chris T. describes a roommate, He didn't like where we moved the coffee table so he moved it and screwed it into the floor.

TELL US NOW. A CLOSE SHAVE Kyle M. tells US about a roommate, Mine asked to borrow my trimmer, but his beard remained.

TELL US NOW. HYPOTHETICAL REVENGE Fiona M. tells US about a roommate who lied about stealing food, I loudly told a friend once that every time my roommate took my food, I dunked her toothbrush in the toilet. never did.) She removed her stuff from the bathroom and never ate

TELL US NOW. AN ALARMING WAKE-UP CALL 12 CARLTON 3 Xander M says, My roommate didn't like me passing out on the couch in the living room so one night when fell asleep watching a movie he came out of his room and set an alarm clock up right

TELL US NOW. DRAINING ISSUES William G. shares, I had a roommate leave a multi-page letter about the bathroom sink not being clean. I was the only one of US four who cleaned at all.

TELL US NOW. SHARED TEMPERS Coleman R. says, We got in to a war on the temperature that ended with both of US learning new ways to rig the thermostat, and both of US either freezing or burning because we couldn't compromise.

TELL US NOW. HOT POTATO Michele R. tells US, My last roommate accused me of stealing a potato from her. She texted me to 'ask' if I'd used one of her potatoes because she found potato peeling in the garbage. I said it was a potato I had. She proceeded

TELL US NOW. PLAYING GAMES 00651 2nd Qtr 12 Marc D. says, Got so tired of my roommate constantly 'borrowing' my Sega Genesis version of Madden when I was at work and not being able to find it when I got home. So I removed all the labels off the

TELL US NOW. FRAMED IN FRIDGE Judit V. shares, She put her half-eaten piece of pastry on my shelf and then accused me of stealing her food.

TELL US NOW. A SHITTY ROOMMATE One reader says, My roommate clogged the toilet with a massive deuce. She didn't even try to use the plungera.. just left the mess for me to find, assuming I would take care of it. I noped out and ran across the street to

TELL US NOW. MOMMY ISSUES Alexandra O. shares a horror story, We paid rent to her mom, she started stealing my rent check and telling her mom I didn't pay rent. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. STRANGE MAGNETISM Anthony T. tells US, One by one he would throw away the refrigerator magnets until I washed his dishes for him. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. FORK THAT Taylour S. shares that a roommate complained about there being no forks after being home all day to a dishwasher that was full and should've been run. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. BE MY GUEST Jim C. shares, One of my roommates threw a 'dinner party' with the food I bought a couple days before. He did this at a time he knew no one would be home. He claimed he didn't know the food wasn't his. It's safe

TELL US NOW. COLD HEARTED Kat l. shares, Every time I went to take a shower, she turned the faucet on in her tub so I couldn't take a hot shower.

TELL US NOW. CAT AND MOUSE Gabby M. tells US, My roommate used my computer daily, which I didn't mind at first until she kept downloading stuff that caused viruses on it. I changed my password. She called me at work and shouted at me... told her we could
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