Tell Us Now: 17 Bonkers Landlord Stories

Maybe the better question is... have you ever actually had a good landlord?
Tell Us Now: 17 Bonkers Landlord Stories

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's your most bonkers landlord story?” and we're beginning to think a better question may be, “Has anyone ever had a decent landlord?” 

Being a landlord seems like a pretty easy deal for those that can afford it: You get rent money on top of your real estate investment. Not a bad little bit of padding for your bank account and portfolio (portfolio is a financial word, right?) At the very least, you are required to keep the place well-maintained and be a civil person, but that seems like a nearly impossible ask. Repair things on time, but be nice? Way too big of an ask. Be nice, but repair things? Absolutely not. Suddenly kick out longtime residents because you decided to live there instead? Why the hell not!

The “lord” part of “landlord” is kind of a dead giveaway. As evidenced by these 17 horror stories. 

TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Rodney M. tells US, There was one who didn't allow me to open windows in the summer. She said it's a fire hazard to open a window. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD David G. tells US, Sat on my toilet, it fell through my downstairs neighbor's ceiling. Landlord tried to bill me for the repairs saying it wouldn't have happened if I didn't sit on it.
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Power Burned god Mia T. shares, I got electrocuted. Told my landlord I was getting shocked by the stove in my apartment, he didn't do anything, took 220 volts through the body.
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Susan K. says, Moved the fridge and discovered a quarter inch mat of red goo with dog hair stuck all over it. It looked like a small animal had melted under there. It took me about two hours to clean it, all the while
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Ken M. shares, There was that time a stairstep broke while I was carrying a laundry basket and I fell through past my ankle. I only sustained scrapes and bruises because the young are invincible. When I called the landlord to report that the
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Angie H. tells US, I used to rent a flat and found out from my neighbour that while I was at work during the day, my landlord's buddies used my shower, kitchen and TV. I changed the locks and they told him, and I
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Sara B. shares, He seemed like he was in a rush, but I couldn't figure out why... but honestly So was I, after searching for months for something affordable. He waited until AFTER I signed the lease and agreed to everything to tell me
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Joshua C.'s landlord was relectuant to call a plumber about a sewage back-up in the shower but finally did. A few days later it happened again so I called her up asking her to call the plumber again. After several days of no answer
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Ken W. says, The height of empathy during COVID. Right before the eviction moratorium, we received a letter that stated: 'We understand that with COVID, many of our tenants are losing their jobs. You have our deepest sympathies. In light of this, we are
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Jeff T. shares, In 1995 had a landlord (a f%#@ing pious man if ever there was one) that was absolutely appalled by my iguana. The f%#@ing guy let it out one day when I was gone, and it was never seen again. He
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Thom S. informs Us, We knocked on the door of the landlord's apartment to meet him to do a final walkthrough. After a lot of little petty thefts and crappy L.A. stories, we were giving up and moving back to Oregon. He opened the
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Michelle M. informs US, scrubbed my rental house clean on exit, and my security deposit was held because I didn't clean the top of the one ceiling fan. $650 gone.
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Lauren B. shares, Dude trapped our roommate's cat in the crawlspace under the house. We heard it yowling and found it under there. The grate that led into the crawlspace was tightly screwed shut, and there was no other way in. He was supposed
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Libby R. shares, My landlord first asked me to move in a week late so he could replace the carpets with hardwood.. I said no, since I had nowhere else to go for a week. Then when I moved out he kept several hundred
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Sean H. tells US, Our rental property was sold. The new landlord showed up three days after settlement, bulldozing our garden at 8:00 am.
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Bill W. had a landlord who refused to give my wife and me our deposit back because we'd left the place broom-clean but LEFT THE BROOM and thus ostensibly caused full-deposit damage to the apartment he'd already told US would be fully renovated, to
TELL US NOW. YOUR WORST LANDLORD Anthony T. tells US, My landlord sent someone out to inspect the basement that was full of water about a foot high. The guy showed up with no notification (supposed to give 24 hours notice) and while standing in water up to his knee,
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