15 Iconic Movies That Filmed Scenes In Surprising Ways

15 Iconic Movies That Filmed Scenes In Surprising Ways

In most shots, you can pretty much easily tell if something is CGI, or an elaborate practical effect, or something else. In most shots. But not in, say, one of these 15:

The Jaws scene of Hooper in the shark cage featured a 4'9 stunt double and a shrunken cage. They did that to make the sharks look even bigger than they were.

Source: CNN

In some parts of the brain-eating scene in Hannibal, you're seeing a Ray Liotta puppet. Two or three of the shots used the puppet, which was basically indistinguishable from the actor operators could make it blink, open its mouth, and move its head.

Source: SyFy

The squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were real, trained animals. They gathered 40 squirrels (some were raised on set and some others taken from squirrel rescues or people's homes) and spent eight weeks training them for the scene.

Source: BBC

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