29 Behind-The-Scenes Trivia About 'Romeo + Juliet'

29 Behind-The-Scenes Trivia About 'Romeo + Juliet'

Romeo + Juliet is one of the most widely adapted stories of all time. There's something about the Shakespearian tale that really does transcend time, culture and medium in an amazing way.

Of all the different adaptations of the play, though, one stands out the most to us: the 90's ‘Romeo and Juliet’ film.

If you were a teenager in the ‘90s, chances are good that you were at least somewhat influenced by this iconic post-grunge movie. Or maybe you were influenced a lot - maybe so much so that you adorned yourself with silver and/or neon crosses, and had the 1996 Romeo + Juliet soundtrack picking up scratches in your CD Walkman. We refuse to believe it was just us. Sure, we drew the line at those Hawaiian shirts. At least, some of us did.

Anyway, this movie made parents gasp, teens horny, and caused an entire generation to become insufferable by randomly yelling, “A plague on both your houses!” 

We regret nothing. 

ROMEO + JULIET The film was mostly shot in Mexico City and Veracruz. During this time, the production's hairstylist, Aldo Signoretti, was kidnapped, and the filmmakers had to pay $250 to get him back. BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKEDCOMT

SF Gate

ROMEO + JULIET It was between John Leguizamo and Benicio del Toro for the role of Tybalt. Leguizamo said that the audition process was brutal, and joked that he only got the part because del Toro is a mumbler. BEHIND THE SCENES

AV Club

ROMEO + JULIET Jamie Kennedy and Zak Orth were told to play Sampson and Gregory like Beavis and Butthead. The director wanted all the characters to capture American sounds. Harold Perrineau who played Mercutio had a sort of Brooklyn rapper sound, and Leo's Romeo was told to be somewhere in



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