21 TV Shows With Perfect Endings: Tell Us Now

21 TV Shows With Perfect Endings: Tell Us Now

We all want things to wrap up nicely, whether that's in our personal lives or otherwise. There's nothing worse than leaving anything on a bad note. 

And you certainly don't want that happening with the stuff you're watching to enjoy in your free time, away from the hassles and horrors of real life. You want to feel good and satisfied, like when you have killer crabcakes or whatever. 

At the end of the day it's just so disappointing to spend years with characters only to have their stories hurriedly ended with poor resolutions. We feel pretty cheated, and we don't want you to have to endure the same thing. So, in order to save you precious viewing time, we asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's a show that had a perfect ending?” Here are 21 television shows you should feel free to spend time with, knowing Cracked readers approve of the ending… enjoy your crabcakes.

TELL US NOW. FUTURAMA o Joseph-Robert describes the finale, It was heartwarming, and technically never 'ended' as its clear that they get to go around again.

TELL US NOW. WATCHMEN Lawrence C. says the show has an incredible ending that was compelling and profound ... The final frame was both closure for the series as well as an invitation for more content. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. PARKS AND REC Ben C. says the show, despite the final season being a trainwreck, really stuck the landing. Everyone got their moment in the sun, and we got closure on each and every main character, and the final scene is one of hope and ioy. A

TELL US NOW. TRUE DETECTIVE Angelica B. gushes about Season 1, For such a dark show, the ending wrapped things up beautifully, without needing to give US a happy ending. Sometimes to end on a happy note seems dismissive, and almost does a disservice to the characters' trials and tribulations.

TELL US NOW. SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER Christopher F. raves about the ending, It resolved all the major plot threads, it gave everyone the happily ever after they deserved...S Seriously, I think I cried for 2 straight days after watching that finale. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. SOPRANOS Nick L. describes the ending, I was shouting at the TV when I first saw it, but it was definitely the best way to end it. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. SEINFELD Adam L. explains, Having a finale of flashbacks to their indifference and narcissism towards the rest of the world was perfect. They basically got sentenced to a year in iail for doing nothing for the past nine years. Quite fitting for a show that was always

TELL US NOW. SCRUBS Jennifer J. clarifies when it actually ended, not the tacked-on attempted reboot. JD leaving the hospital for the last time and his fantasies finally being grounded in reality... instead of escaping into impossible scenarios that require no growth or work from him... is just perfection.

TELL US NOW. SCHITT'S CREEK Brooke G. describes the show, Great writing, perfect casting, wonderful character progression, and consistent storyline.

TELL US NOW. NEWHART Josh W. spoils, In the final episode, Bob Newhart woke up in bed with Susanne Pleshette, his TV wife from The Bob Newhart Show. He told her he had this weird dream that was Newhart.

TELL US NOW. M*A*S*H CONEY ISLAND 2033 MIL San Francisco 54264614 AKYO 259ML. tlo Cothy J. spoils the ending, Klinger - who spent the entire series trying to Section 8 himself out of the military so he could go back to Toledo ends up staying in Korea to help his bride

TELL US NOW. MAD MEN Anthony A. shares, The mention of new ideas and a wry smile on Don's lips before the most iconic ad ever being played shows that he hasn't changed and will probably never leave a cycle of running away, going on benders and coming up with

TELL US NOW. LiFE ON MARS James A. describes the show has having n absolutely beautiful ending. Even with the story continuing in sequel series Ashes to Ashes for many characters, the ending of Sam Tyler's journey is perfectly done.

TELL US NOW. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Chris N. voices an unpopular opinion on the finale, It annoyed a lot of people who hadn't been paying attention, but it couldn't have ended any other way. Perfection. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. GRAVITY FALLS Elisabeth C. recommends the show, On top of being well animated, having a stellar set of voice actors, and having a truly unique and engaging storyline (including all the side characters'), it ended perfectly.

TELL US NOW. THE GOOD PLACE Steph G. describes, It didn't trY to go on for as many seasons as it could. Each season was perfect and the ending was both heartwarming and tear-wrenching.

TELL US NOW. FRASIER Melissa H. shares, All the characters were set up to start on important yet rather diverging path... The last minute of episode revealed a surprise twist that left me feeling happy for a few hours after finishing it.

TELL US NOW. FLEABAG Rafa Z. raves, After two seasons making the viewers part of her world, Fleabag is ready to part ways, so she iust walks away ... It was the first time felt personally dumped by a character, but is so exquisitely done and it feels that is

TELL US NOW. BREAKING BAD Andre M. shares, You watched the entire show agreeing with every decision Walter White made but still disliked the monster he became while the ending offered a slice of redemption. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. ANGEL James E. raves, The show's central theme was the never-ending quest for Redemption, and its ending supported that theme perfectly. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. 6 FEET UNDER Frank l. raves that the finale closes every single storyline while watching one of the main characters move onto the next chapter of their life.
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