15 Bizarre, Unintended Real-Life Consequences of Pop Culture Works

15 Bizarre, Unintended Real-Life Consequences of Pop Culture Works

As a general rule, television and film doesn't apply to real life. The plots written for both apply to whacky situations or made-up stories in order to get a certain point across or to just entertain you without any applicable knowledge. For example, if your parents are murdered, don't get dressed up like a bat at night to fight crime with you hands, wits, and a serious of gadgets you put together with your butler. To solve that problem in real life, you'll need grief counseling, therapy, and a butler.

However, every so often, a little idea from a TV show or film provides a jumping off point for a bigger idea that is applied in real life. These ideas derived from pop culture can benefit the lives of people from dementia or just kill us all with a new form of bomb.

Here are more details on those consequences and other real life ideas/applications lifted from your favorite films and shows.

A Russian novella is kind of responsible for WWI. Danilo llic, the ringleader of the gang that assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, was inspired by the novella Seven Hanged, which is about a gang of failed political assassins. He'd translated the story and wrote about it, and tried to

Source: BBC

Spam got its name from a Monty Python sketch. Sure, it ultimately comes from canned pork. But mass unsolicited email got named spam after the Monty Python joke where the items on a cafeteria menu just keep getting replaced by spam, and eventually the full dialogue becomes just spam spam

Source: IETF

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