11 Weird, Real Things That If You Haven't Heard, Will Be News To You

Fiction ain’t got nothing on reality.
11 Weird, Real Things That If You Haven't Heard, Will Be News To You

Have you seen this? Have you heard of this? No, you haven't, liar.

That's right, we're calling you liars. You haven't heard of these stories, virtually no one has. Your local news and 24 hours news channels are more concerned with politics, random murder cases, something involving a car accident, or that new catheter that your grand-uncle swears by. Seriously, it does a really good job removing urine from his body and, by golly, it's impressive. Especially at that price point and that it's covered by most insurance plans. But anyway.

Where were going with this? Oh, yeah, right, you don't know these stories. You don't know that Dubai is going to host space court. You don't know about the people who changed the Hollywood sign into “Hollyboob.” You don't know about the international incident involving Wu-Tang Clan merch.

But you can. You can know. Just scroll down to check out those stories and more.


A British farmer made about $70,000 renting out goats for Zoom calls. She charged people f5 to hire a goat who then randomly joins their Zoom call, as a surprise for whoever they're talking to. Since April 2020, about 10,000 calls have been interrupted by goats, netting f50,000. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

Some Oregonians got the COVID vaccine because they got stuck in the right snowstorm. Jhus A snowstorm trapped a bunch of cars on a highway in Josephine County, including one with a healthcare team that had six vaccine doses. They couldn't move for hours, and the doses were about to

Source: CBC

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