14 (Surprising) Salaries Of TV Hosts

How much does Vanna White make?
14 (Surprising) Salaries Of TV Hosts

If you're ever feeling down about your salary, just remember that there are people out there who are making a lot less than you. For example, the hosts of some popular TV shows! While their jobs may seem glamorous, it turns out they're not exactly raking in the big bucks. So if you're looking to feel better about yourself, read on for a list of surprisingly low-paid TV hosts. You're welcome!

If you DO think you're getting paid too little, chances are, one of your favorite TV hosts is making even less than you. In fact, some of them are surprisingly low on the salary totem pole. So, before you go complaining to your boss again, take a look at this list and be grateful for the job you have!

Television hosting appears to be a fairly nice job, and after seeing these salaries, we're confident it's even sweeter. We wouldn't mind getting paid like these 14 celebrities...

Conan O'Brien CONAN (TBS) PER YEAR OF SHOW $12 million O'Brien was paid $45 million to leave The Tonight Show.

Source: NBC

Alex Trebek JEOPARDY PER YEAR OF SHOW $10 million A week's worth of episodes were taped in a single day. Trebek had contracted to host the show until 2022.

Source: CNN

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