11 Terrible Dads In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

11 Terrible Dads In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Being a dad is NOT easy. Aside from being caricatured as dim witted buffoon within most of pop culture, in real life Dad's have a lot on their plate and a bad rap to boot. Unfortunately, there are some Dads who are just really not cut out for the gig. In that sense at least, the Marvel Cinemative Universe is true to life.

Who’s your daddy?  Hopefully, it’s not one of these guys -- we did a deep dive into some of the the worst dads in the MCU, ranked from distant to despotic and everything in between.  

Vision was doing great until he went and got himself killed before he could even be a dad to his twins. Ego literally mated with celestial beings to sire superior children who he KILLED when they failed to measure up to his immortal standards.

Suddenly our own dads don't seem so bad for making us walk to little league anymore. Love ya pops. Scroll down to feel slightly better about your own family relationships!

HANK PYM When a guy accidentally loses his wife in the quantum realm, can you blame him if he's too distracted to be much of a father? He's also going to be reluctant to turn the over keys to the superhero suits, given the family history.

VISION Seems genuinely excited about being father a to twin sons Tommy and Billy. Loses points for being dead.

T'CHAKA One of the wisest and kindest fathers of the MCU. Still, he kills his brother with his Black Panther claws and lies about it to T'Challa. And T'Chaka wasn't exactly an awesome uncle to Killmonger.

HOWARD STARK Not the worst father in the world, but pretty stingy with Dad Time and pats the back. on Plus, he always liked Steve Rogers best. Tony got chance a to mend fences while time-traveling during Avengers: Endgame.

ADRIAN TOOMES The Vulture checks all the Good Dad boxes when it comes to protection and providing. But you're not going to win many Father of the Year awards by threatening to kill your daughter's homecoming date.

GENERAL ROSS Some call it being overprotective. Some call it trying to kill your daughter's boyfriend. Sure, the boyfriend is the Hulk, but your kid is still going to need therapy ROSS CRACKED.COM

YONDU If we're going to give Yondu credit for ultimately being Peter Quill's best daddy, we have to apply demerits for Yondu trying to kill Peter several times in the original Guardians. And it's not like Yondu was throwing hugs around when Star-Lord kid was a without a planet.

BILL FISK So much drinking. In bed with the mafia. Abused his wife and and blamed son them for his political losses. Bonus points for turning his RICT only son into the Kingpin. 3rd

ODIN Raised Hela to be a bloodthirsty demon, then banished her to the void. Didn't tellloki he was adopted. Played favorites with Thor but also stripped his powers to teach him a lesson. At least Frigga was nice.

EGO Mated with celestial hotties to sire children who would spread his galactic clout. When the kids didn't tap into his deity he powers, killed them. No wonder Peter Quill had daddy issues. CRACKED.COM

THANOS Replaced piece of a adopted kid Nebula with machine parts every time she lost a training battle with his favorite daughter, Gamora. You know, the he hurled off one a sacrificial cliff.
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