14 Myths About What Drinking Does To You

It makes sense that there's a lot of misinformation about drinking, considering that most research on the issue comes from people who are totally drunk. But we've sifted through the lies and now offer to you some facts about alcohol, the cause of—and solution to—all our misconceptions. 


MYTH: THROW UP, GET THAT BOOZE OUT OF YOUR sysTem. CRACKEDOON FACT: NoPe. TOO LATe. Your body instinctively vomits when poisoned. But that does no good with alcohol, which you absorb too quickly. At best, throwing up stops you from absorbing the very last alcohol that you sipped just seconds

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MYTH: wine GETS BetTER WITHAGE CRACKED COM FACT: MOST wInes DON'T. Forget saving wine for years for a special occasion. Most wines (except for very expensive ones, sold to people who know what they're buying) are best when you buy them and then gradually drop in quality over time.

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MYTH: HAvE A NIGHTCAP TO HELP yoU sLeEp FACT: TO HELP yoU sLeEP in TerROR. A late-night drink helps you falls asleep. But for the second half of the night, you'll sleep less well than you would have otherwise. And you'll have a higher chance of nightmares.

Source: Washington Post


MYTH: ALCOHOL WARmS yoU UP. ACHTEO IMERICAE FACT: ALCOHOL OnLY MAkes YouFeeL WARmER. Which may be all you care about, if you're just worried about getting a little chilly. But if you're really worried about freezing, feeling warmer means more blood rushing to your skin, which actually makes you

Source: NY Times 


MYTH: Beer GIVES youa Beer BELLY. FACT: OH, come on. Yes, beer has calories, and calories make you fat, and men get fat around the belly. But there's nothing special about beer that magically gives you a paunch. Maybe that's a donut belly.

Source: Popular Science


MYTH: TO CUT CALORIES, cUT ouT ALCOHOL. FACT: NOT IF You'Re A woman. We can never predict for certain, but stats say women who stop drinking are more likely to become obese, as they substitute food for alcohol. (Men who quit drinking do lose weight, as expected.)

Source: Archives of Internal Medicine


MYTH: unDerage DRINKING IS A MAJOR PROBLEM! CRACKED.COM FACT: THERE'S LEsS OF IT now THAT Any Time RECORDED. Even before partying and gathering in general was put on hold, underage drinking had plummeted. Maybe because kids associate binge drinking with their parents, which means it's lame.

Source: NY Times


MYTH: AMerIcan Beer IS weaker. CRACKED.COM FACT: IT'SMEASURED DIFFERENTLY. Oh, a lot of American beer is weak. But if you hold it up to foreign competitors and see American alcohol content is lower, that's partly due to a difference in units. America uses alcohol per weight. Other countries use alcohol

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MYTH: WHITE wInE WITH FISH RED wIne WITH meAt CRACKEDOON FACT: YeAH, IF you'Re A COWARD. Okay, white with fish/red with meat is fine as a rule of thumb, but white wine actually goes with everything, while plenty of fish preparations do work with red wine. If you really care,

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MYTH: ASPIRIN PRevenTS HANGOVERS. SOEY COATED AER  REGIMEN SAFETY ASPIRIN BAYER CRACKEDCO coMT FACT: NO, AnD IT 'MIGHT MAke yoU even DRunKer. Aspirin's fine when you have a hangover, to help with the headache. But take it before drinking, and it'll be out of YOur system by the time the

Source: Mayo Clinic


MYTH: LIQUOR BEFORE Beer, YOU'RE in THE CLEAR CRACKED.COM FACT: Beer, LIQUOR ... THE ORDER MAkes no DIFFeRence. Beer before liquor, never sicker' became a common idea because lots of people start with beer before moving to something stronger. That doesn't mean starting with the stronger stuff will make you less

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


MYTH: DRINKING KILLS BRAIN CELLS CRACKED.COM FACT: UH, we HoPE you'Re JUST Being FIGURATIVE. Alcohol impairs your thinking for a while, but that has nothing to do with cells dying. Alcohol just blocks you from thinking well, temporarily. Your cells are fine, so long as you don't walk into too

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MYTH: DRINK coFFee TO sober UP. CRACKEDc COM FACT: THAT JUsT mAkes you An ALERT DRuNK. Caffeine is a stimulant, yeah, so it can counteract how sleepy alcohol makes you. Other than that, though, don't count on it reversing the effects of alcohol. And if you're caught driving after drinking

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MYTH: I CAn HANDLE WHISKEY, BUT TEQUILAmakes me GO NUTS! U0 tuunu IUNU OLMECA OLMECA OLMECA OLMECA OLMECA O1MECA FUSION FUSTON TY&TA FUSION nCL ellpli BUPLO RHPLENS  J FACT: NAW. ALCOHOL'S ALCOHOL. Stronger drinks put more alcohol into your system, but there's no type of alcohol that gets you

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