13 Now-You-Know Facts About Movies (And Other Cool Stuff)

Sacha Baron Cohen’s dedication to the craft of acting knows no personal boundaries.
13 Now-You-Know Facts About Movies (And Other Cool Stuff)

Movie trivia is fantastic. You can impress your friends that are just as dedicated to popular culture as you are. They may think you're so in tune with the film industry that you're a movie-based deity that deserves to be worshipped. They'll call you “The Movie King/Queen/Emperor." Literally all three of those titles at the same time. They'll make songs about you. They'll make you a royal cape out of a Hollywood red carpet and make a solid crown out of a metal limited edition popcorn bucket from The Last Jedi or some other promotional material. Thanks to your movie trivia knowledge, you'll be praised among all the nerds.

Except the ones that aren't into movies. But that's okay, we have some facts that can help impress them, too.

Here are some more movie facts and other random facts that can help you achieve your dream of becoming a trivia-based god or goddess.

For the first Borat movie, Sacha Baron Cohen never washed Borat's suit. He never wore deodorant when he was filming, either, creating a Soviet-bloc smell the moment he walked into a room. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Source: NPR

In WWIl, the U.S. Navy had a mascot: a 700-pig called King Neptune. They auctioned off parts of the pig, even though people knew the pig wouldn't be slaughtered - the auction winner just got a war bond. That way, the Navy raised $19 million in war bonds. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: NPR

When cigarette prices went up in France between 2000 and 2008, poor people started smoking more. They knew they were addicted, but they smoked to cope with stress or loneliness, or to indulge in a cheap pleasure. On the other hand, managers and professionals started smoking less in that period.

Source: PMC

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