15 Physical And Mental Hacks To Start Your Year Right

15 Physical And Mental Hacks To Start Your Year Right

Hi! How’s your year been so far? Pretty tough, we’re guessing, what with every week in January feeling like an entire month with the same mood as Dunkirk. Listen, we recommend you take it easy, and read the following suggestions of things you can do to help yourself make this year suck just a little less.

Struggle with self-control? Time to do some planning. There are legitimate reasons why we give in to impulses like checking our phones or watching a game demo instead of focusing on work that needs to be done. To help practice elf-control, plan your day ahead by allocating time for breaks to


Want to make a good impression? Make eye contact. Neuroscience research has shown that if someone shifts their gaze away from us, it instinctively feels like they're shifting their attention, too. Maintain eye contact with a person when engaging, and if you struggle to do that in general, the trick


Want to change a habit? Start small. We tend to be unrealistic when trying to change a habit. Implementing dramatic changes will mostly lead to disappointment because We make our goals too difficult to reach. Instead of thinking big, we need to think small, and look at tiny behaviors that


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