14 Fictional Settings Inspired By Real Places

Sometimes you love a made-up place so much you wish you could visit it. And sometimes you actually can! If this article has taught us anything, it's that show creators love to set their creations in a version of their hometown. Here are 14 examples of real cities providing the inspiration behind a beloved fictional setting.


West Egg THE GREAT GATSBY Author F. Scott Fitzgerald lived for about two years in Great Neck, New York that served as the muse for the fictional location.

Source: Mental Floss


Mayberry THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW 10 Ib bag 29 POTATOES Andy Griffith grew up in Mount Airy, North Carolina, which served as the inspiration behind the idyllic small town.

Source: FOX 8


Pallet Town POKEMON 000000C E ao 2 E 00000090000 ORACKEDe oedes The small town is based on Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri's hometown of Machida, Tokyo

Source: GameRant


Arlen, Texas KING OF THE HILL CRACKED COM Co-creator Mike Judge has said the setting was based on the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas, even though

Source: New York Times


South Park, Colarado SOUTH PARK CRACKED COM The small town of Fairplay, Colorado, was once named South Park City and has understandably claimed itself

Source: 9News


Quahog, Rhode Island FAMILY GUY CRACKED CON Seth MacFarlane has supposedly said the city was based on Cranston, Rhode Island, but Providence, Rhode Is

Source: Family Guy Fandom


Sunnydale BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Creator Joss Whedon has said the location was loosely based on Monterey, California, even if from the name alone, i

Source: Buffy Fandom


Riverdale ARCHIE FRANCHISE WELCOME TO RIVERDALE. CRACKED CON Publisher John L. Goldwater claims the town is based on his hometown of Hiawatha, Kansas,

Source: Romper


Angel Grove, California POWER RANGERS CRACKED CON The Power Rangers' hometown is thought to be based on LOs Angeles, which is convenient because that'

Source: ScreenRant


Castle Rock, Maine STEPHEN KING NOVELS FROM THE WORLD OP STEPHEN KInG CRACKED.COM Stephen King's often-used fictional town is based off his hometown o

Source: The Stephen King Story


Stars Hollow GILMORE GIRLS Amy Sherman-Palladino was inspired by a stay in Washington, Connecticut.

Source: DesertNews


Pawnee, Indiana OF PAWNEE PARKS & REC CITY HSTORYOE WAMAPOKE INCIDENTS CRACKED COM Creator Michael Schur said the city was based on his hometown of We

Source: AV Club 


Eagleton, Indiana PARKS & REC MAint Eagt tary Sulp Spea Poanes Oon Ota Gocrnme Covet aming vacit Michael Schur said the city was based on his hometown

Source: AV Club


Springfield THE SIMPSONS SPRINGFLELO Matt Groening confirmed it's supposed to be set in Springfield, Oregon and liked how the name was SO common.

Source: NPR

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