14 Tiny Whoopsies That Changed History

14 Tiny Whoopsies That Changed History

Sometimes, the world changes because shadowy figures conspire in a room. Other times, it happens because someone slips on a banana peel and hits the red button. Today, we're talking about the second thing. 

A LIGHTNING BOLT JULY 1977 CRACKED GO A lightning strike on a transmission line caused 1977's famous NYC blackout. Looters damaged .600 stores. The up

Source: Slate

A PAINT FLECK DECEMBER 1981 CRACKEDCON When the Hubble telescope was being constructed, a microscopic chip of paint flaked off a measuring rod. The ro

Source: BBC

THIS NOVEL 1907 Friday, the Thirteenth THOMAS WILLIAM LAWSON CRACKEDCO Thomas Lawson wrote this book about a stockbroker who chooses Friday the 13th t

Source: CNBC 

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