19 Common Myths That Are Straight-Up BS

It's always wise to live by the classic refrain, “Don't believe everything that you hear.” If I'd followed it a little more closely, maybe my retirement account would still be in my possession, and not somewhere off the coast of French Guiana. Someday I will find you, Jean-Phillippe, and your reckoning will be legendary. My personal finances aside, here's 19 common myths that you can forcefully correct on dates and bring the night to a grinding halt.


Gum Takes Years To Digest CRACKEDco According to your mom, that stick of Big Red you swallowed during your AP test might still be in your stomach come

Source: Reader's Digest


Goldfish Memories i saw everything officer CRACKED c COM You'll hear that someone has the memory of a goldfish, the most common number being 3 secon

Source: Reader's Digest


Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs CRACKEDCO We like to think that people have only known the earth was round since Columbus didn't fall off. But the Greeks n

Source: Reader's Digest


Diamonds From Coal CRACKED COM If you compress coal for a very long time under high pressure, eventually, you will waste an incredible amount of time.

Source: Business Insider


Being Cold Causes Colds CRACKED CONT Your parents would have you think a puffer jacket is your last line of defense against the common cold. The commo

Source: Cracked


Chloroform CRACKEDcO COM Movies have taught us that even a passing whiff of chloroform is enough to have you sucking dirt. In real life, it would take

Source: Buzzfeed/Reddit


Chameleon Camouflage u up? CRACKEDcO Turns out the reason everyone wants to get bitten by a radioactive chameleon isn't that accurate. Chameleons can

Source: Reader's Digest


Camels' Humps Store Water CRACKEDCO COM Unfortunately, no, camels aren't built like some sort of weird living Super Soaker. Their humps are filled wit

Source: Business Insider


You Use 10% Of Your Brain CRACKEDG COM This fact, a favorite of blacklight poster owners everywhere, isn't true. Though the neurons that actually do t

Source: Reader's Digest


Blood ls Blue CRACKEDo COM Veins are blue, but when your blood reaches the air, through a cut or getting hit by a train, it turns red, right? Not true

Source: Reader's Digest


Bats Are Blind CRACKEDC COM The beloved rat of the sky is not as sightless as popular sayings would have you believe. Yes, they do use echolocation to

Source: BusinessInsider


Touching Baby Birds i can't believe you've done this CRACKED C COM You may have heard that if you touch a baby bird, it'll no longer be accepted by it

Source: Buzzfeed/Reddit


Alpha Wolves a podcast told me to be loud at bars CRACKED co COM The idea of alphas was based on a flawed study of a pack of captive wolves that d

Source: Cracked


Earth's Effect on Toilets myth... busted CRACKED COMI No, the Coriolis Effect and the Earth's rotation doesn't make Australian toilets flush backwards

Source: HowStuffWorks


Shaving Thickens Beards CRACKED CO COM Unfortunately, no amount of Bic'ing will get you closer to viking glory. Shaving is purely a surface of the ski

Source: Cracked


Death By Penny Drop agh CRACKED COM: No, dropping a penny off the Empire State Building won't kill someone, 6th grade bully on a field trip. Thanks to

Source: Reader's Digest


Ostrich Hiding Spots $@#! mate CRACKEDC COM Cartoons tell us ostriches bury their heads in the sand to hide, and they would never lie to us, right? Un

Source: Reader's Digest


Nails Grow After Death CRACKED.CON A common myth says nails (and hair) keep growing after death. Retracting skin may make nails and hair appear longer

Source: HowStuffWorks


Medieval Lifespan i'm fine CRACKED COM No, medieval people didn't all die before the age of 40. The average lifespan from that time is just that: an a

Source: Buzzfeed/Reddit

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