Tell Us Now: How Can We Save Money In Your Industry?

Be nice to employees because they have the money-saving power.
Tell Us Now: How Can We Save Money In Your Industry?

Look, we're not gonna mince words: it's hard out here, financially speaking. There was a Great Recession like yesterday and another Great Recession the day after that. Despite a multitude of concern-trolling “why does no one want to work?” articles from lesser publications than this one, we here at Cracked understand that people are working hard, trying to get by. 

Fortunately, most people have that homie who hooks them up with extra food at the Taco Bell, understands how plumbing works, or gives us the low-down on how to actually file taxes. We're here to be that friend for you. But only if you're kind to service workers! That's part of the bargain, okay?

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's your insider advice on how people can save money in your industry?” We loved your answers, and we're happy to pass on these money-saving tips! (Also, we were surprised so many of you work in the hotel industry!) The most common answer to save money was, “Be nice and ask the employees!” so aside from that Golden Rule of Being a Customer, here are 24 more tips… 

TELL US NOW. GOING TO THE VET Erik W. says, If your dog got into your weed stash, iust go ahead and tell me that up front. I'm not going to call the
TELL US NOW. HIRING A TUTOR e usx g- y 16% Go% SPAR Lewis D. says, Don't immediately go to a tutor. If you're having trouble, try office hours (with
TELL US NOW. DOING TAXES 24 TVE I5t0 INPU 10 Katie R. says, Don't ever go to tax places like H&R Block, they will overcharge you and yank you around.
TELL US NOW. GOING OUT TO EAT WAr Andrew B. says, The first item on the menu is normally a price shock' to make other items seem better priced in co
TELL US NOW. CALLING A PLUMBER FOOD WO SPOSER Don't call a plumber for a garbage disposal that won't turn, says John E. All garbage disposals come
TELL US NOW. CARING FOR PLANTS Zoe B. tells US to buy unglazed terra cota pots because Waaaaaay less expensive, most plants thrive in them as the cla
TELL US NOW. ORDERING PIZZA FOR GROUPS Eric K. says to call at least 3 hours ahead and says, If you're making a huge order (10t pies) or you're calli
TELL US NOW. ORDERING PIZZA Eric K. says, Big pizza chains always have several specials going on at a time. Always. So, just be cool and ask nicelyi
TELL US NOW. FLYING WITH LUGGAGE Andrew L. says, If you're flying with an airline that charges for baggage, use an average-sized backpack instead of
TELL US NOW. BUYING A LOTTO TICKET PE Todd M. says, If the lottery was a Vegas game it would be the worst one in the worst casino. If You insist on p
TELL US NOW. UPKEEPING YOUR LAWN Melinda S. says, With less than $1000 spent on a mower and weedeater and a few hours of practice, you can do the iob
TELL US NOW. GOING TO A HOTEL Aaron K. tells US, If you forget something on a trip call the front desk and ask if they have a spare before running of
TELL US NOW. STAYING AT A HOTEL Martin R. reports, Call them directly. Book ahead. Delete cookies. Check Expedia and others. Be nice to the counter f
TELL US NOW. BUYING A GUITAR 2u00 5000 Alex C. tells US, The 'Made in USA' stamp means little to nothing anymore when it comes to quality. You can ge
TELL US NOW. GROCERY SHOPPING Pierro M. tells US, Always grocery shop in the morning. That's when everything is discounted for quick sale and the new
TELL US NOW. BUYING GAMES GAEBOY PlayStatlon 99: 39.90 NEWS 99- 99: 99: 99- 89.% 89% 49% 49%0 39% 399 Playstation.c PlayStation.2 PlayStatior xeox Ori
TELL US NOW. PLANNING A FUNERAL Corinna L. says, You are allowed to hold your viewing and funeral service in your own home. You are allowed to transp
TELL US NOW. FINANCING SOMETHING Kani P. informs US, Pay more than your minimum payment each month. You'll save long term if You pay extra because in
TELL US NOW. DRY-CLEANING (ean Ignacio E. says, YOU DON'T NEED TO DRY-CLEAN EVERYTHING! Dry-cleaning a cotton shirt will not wash it. They'll charge
TELL US NOW. HIRING A DJ Jonathan P. advises US, Pay more for a good one, and people will stay and drink more (read: spend more money) in your establ
TELL US NOW. GETTING A COVID TEST A 23 Robert C. says, If You come to the ER for a COVID test, you'll get billed for a whole ER visit. If you have mi
TELL US NOW. GOING TO COLLEGE Scott R. says, Handy tip, at least for our school: Get an Associate's Degree at a community college. When you transfer
TELL US NOW. BUYING BOOKS Joshua A. says, If you can, always try to buy directly from an author. They get paid much better margins, and you develop a
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