You don't have to like someone to work with them. As long as everyone shows up, acts professional, and works towards the same goal, you're golden. It's not like everyone has to go out for a beer afterwards. And skipping the company Christmas party is not a fireable offense, last we checked. We're still getting paychecks, anyway. But sometimes courteous, professional disagreements devolve into blood-boiling hatred. The kind of loathing usually reserved for England and France during the 100 Years' War. The kind of hatred usually reserved for Indiana Jones and Nazis.

Take sex, for instance. Isn't sex great? Shouldn't two super hot people starring in one of the most explicit erotic thrillers of all time be having the time of their lives? Well, for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, it was more like punching a clock than pretend bumping uglies.

You know that guy you hate at work?  It’s like that, except filmed for TMZ. 

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