TV programs are one of the best gigs for actresses and actors. Yes, of course, the hours can be long, and you have only a limited amount of time and energy on other developments between those seasons. Still, the reality is you have a steady job that pays well, which can be hard to come by inside the entertainment business. When you get a position on a television program that lasts full seasons, you can save up a large sum of money and try your luck at whichever indie initiatives you want after the show ends. It is unquestionably a luxury, but some famous people disagree.

Now, many of the celebrities ended up criticizing the show because once they left and decided to move on with other projects, you wouldn't want to be recognized as the problematic talent who criticizes the project that pays your wage.

If you're Johnny Depp, you can go on to star in billion-dollar movie franchises if you bite the hand that feeds you.

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