13 Movie-Related And Other Arcane Facts

13 Movie-Related And Other Arcane Facts

The world can be a strange place. Even the most mundane, uninteresting, daily items might reveal a strange connection you were unaware of.

What person doesn't enjoy a good mystery? Surreal, creepy, and occasionally just plain strange facts abound in the world. Although many of these strange occurrences have reasonable justification, many remain a mystery. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy a virtual view of some of the world's oddest facts as we examine the physics, tales, ideas, and legends around them.

Filmmaking may be full of unexpected twists and turns. Some were planned, while others happened by chance. Many of these make it to the big screen, while others remain unnoticed as forgotten pieces of film history.

For example, the Jurassic Park movies have yet to feature Chris Pratt facing an Ubirajara Jubatus, much to our collective dismay. Continue scrolling for more information about this magnificent dinosaur, as well as 12 other items...

The Godfather IT's golden telephone scene is based on a real event. In the movie, the UTT Corporation gave Cuba's dictator Fulgencio Batista a golden

Source: AMC

There was a female astronaut training program in the '60s. The Mercury 13 program was run by William Randolph Lovelace I, the doctor who also ran the

Source: Cnet

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