20 Words You Can’t Use Anymore Because of the Internet

20 Words You Can’t Use Anymore Because of the Internet

In terms of its value to society, the internet’s karmic ledger is pretty well-balanced. It’s created a lot of good in the world by ushering in an unprecedented era of connectivity, giving people access to resources they previously never could have dreamed of. Also, yes, a lot of free boobs. Just an ocean of free boobs to look at.

On the other hand, it’s gutted countless industries that are kind of important, makes it so much easier to commit all kinds of crime and given us terminal brain rot. One of the symptoms is how we speak to each other. Nevermind that the kids these days speak exclusively in some kind of meme-based alien language, it’s forced us to say embarrassing shit like, “I can’t believe I swiped right on him” and “I’ll Venmo you.”

And that’s just what we can say. Thanks to the internet, there are countless words you just can’t say at all without embarrassing yourself and everyone else within earshot. Thanks to user Nearby-Simple-7594, who asked r/AskReddit, “What perfectly normal word has been ruined by the internet?,” we have a handy list of them.

MichiMcMich 2y ago LOL But only if you're Dutch probably
shwarpy 2y ago Meta
Informal_Laugh_4221 2y ago Facial.
 2y ago Daddy has too much sexual connotation now
Altruistic-Editor111 2y ago Amazon used to be a river in South America
TOVE892 2y ago We have an entire generation that has no idea how to correctly use the word aesthetic.
mushgar 2y ago Based. The way it's used doesn't even make sense out of the context of the internet.
Environmental_Comb45 2y ago not a word but a name, karen <- i am not a westerner but i feel bad for anyone whos name is karen and has to take all the jokes
Marie_Robbins 2y ago The term hack. For example, These life hacks will BLOW your mind!!! No they won't, five minute crafts.
 2y ago Nuts. After the meme Deez Nutz, you have to be so F*** specific. Hi, I would like 3 ounces of Cashews, 1 ounce of Pecans and a box of Almonds please.
Prior-Throat-8017 2y ago The term queerbaiting that was supposed to be for FICTION and these MF's turned into a way to pressure real people to come out when they don't want to because they think celebrities owe them something
Kothism 2y ago woke was supposed to mean that you are aware of history and systemic issues and whatnot but then right-wingers turned it into meaningless garbage that basically just means you're a liberal it's just completely dumb
DangPlays 2y ago I saw Bukkake Udon at a noodle shop and had to do a quick Google search to make sure it wasn't what I thought it was
petdance 2y ago Crypto used to refer to cryptography. Now it refers to ephemeral electronic Beanie Babies.
LIGHTSTARGAZER 2y ago Gaslight and other similar psych terms.
ArghNooo 2y ago Edited 2y ago Triggered. This was a term describing when the victim of severe psychological damage was exposed to stimulus causing them to not just remember, but actually re-experience the moment the trauma occured. Now it's used to describe being upset with something.
nickfree 2y ago Meme When Richard Dawkins originally coined the word in 1976, he meant it as a word for human behaviors, concepts, ideas that evolve through culture and time in much the same way a gene might. It was a label for a particular cultural phenomenon, and even gave rise to subfield called memetics to study the viability of the analogy to genetics. Now it's making funny image macros on the internet. It's pretty much became synonymous with internet fad or a visual inside joke.
sweeeetthrowaway 2y ago I own a boutique pet shop that specializes in nutrition and grooming... I'm a groomer
rawker86 2y ago I'm a surveyor. Depending on where you work, a lot of your job is hammering in stakes, or pegs. If you're marking out exploration drill holes, roads, and other stuff then you can spend hours or days hammering in, flagging and labelling the fucking things. The act of hammering in wooden stakes is often called pegging.
theinnocenthostage 2y ago Porn. Earthporn Foodporn Spaceporn We get it. You wanna fuck all the stuff.


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