20 Extremely Weird Things We Never Question

20 Extremely Weird Things We Never Question

If you tried describing your life to an alien, they’d probably call bullshit before you even got to breakfast. You wake up on your structure for lying down (separate from the structure for sitting), deposit your waste in a bowl with a hole leading toward a facility whose workings you’re only vaguely aware of, scrub your mouth bones and untangle the dead proteins on your head to make yourself presentable to other humans. The aliens already have 37 questions.

Face it: Human life is simply absurd. We do all kinds of weird-ass stuff that we’ve never once thought to question, because if we did, society would fall apart. So when user MEMELORD_JESUS asked r/AskReddit, “What’s the weirdest thing society accepts as normal?” Reddit made a lot of good points about bizarre behaviors we’re absolutely not going to quit. Some of them also tried to score cheap political points, which is ironically also a weird thing we do.

Excited_Avocado_8492 2y ago Working until you're old, greying, and broken then using whatever time you have left for all the things you wish you could have done when you were younger.
NOT000 2y ago smoking makes no sense
throwa_way682 . 2y ago Child beauty pageants
hedges_101 2y ago are Soup. It's wet, but not a drink. It's food, but you can't eat it with a fork. What the flips?
PerfectAdvertising30 2y ago Water fountains. They're human refueling stations and you have to use them in the most undignified position. Imagine drinking in that position at dinner.
CorgiMeatLover 2y ago Milk. Basically humans artificially impregnate someone from another species, take her baby away, steal the milk from the baby, sell or kill the baby, then kill the mother after her unnatural body can't make as much milk as when she was younger.
BlackLetterLies 2y ago Politicians blatantly lying to the people. We accept it so readily, it's as though it's supposed to be that way.
thouee2 2y ago HOA- needing the neighborhood's go ahead to build something on your own fricking land. Why do they get a fricking say if I want put up my Christmas lights all year long??
 2y ago Cheerleaders in high school (USA). A bunch of underage kids in weirdly small uniforms dancing and doing acrobatics when an entirely different sport is going on.
Mysterious-Book2146 2y ago This only applies in the US but having children pledging allegiance to a flag daily. Switch out the words and the flag and Americans would find it disturbing.
LuckyMe-Lucky-Mud 2y ago For me it's expecting kids to ask for permission before they go to the bathroom. Like. What the hell.
DungeonMaster45 2y ago That it's no problem to leave your vehicle unattended on the street. Imagine if you had something other than a vehicle, worth the same amount. No one would dream of leaving it on the street unattended and expect it to be there the next morning.
Cat-Got-Your-DM 2y ago That you are expected to get a licence to drive a few tom piece of metal that can crush people easily and reach extreme speed at 16-18 years old And the test to get it is to drive around and not crash plus some traffic laws It's absolutely crazy
Son_Postman 2y ago I always thought ties are weird. It's an elongated pentagon shaped cloth we wear in front of our chest when we want to look fancy. Don't get me wrong, I have like 20 ties, but one day I had a shower thought about how stupid they are
 2y ago Dancing. If you really think about it, rhythmically moving to sound for no constructive purpose is kinda weird. It's almost bird-like behavior.
denferno 2y ago Clapping to show approval or happiness. Clapping is weird. Just slapping your hands together.
onions_cutting_ninja . 2y ago Alcohol is so normalized but drugs are not. It's so weird. I say this as an alcohol loving Belgian, beer is half of our culture and I'm proud of it too but like... that's fucking weird man.
SheWentThruMyPhone 2y ago Guessing how much you owe the IRS in taxes.
Qfn4g02016 2y ago That dead people need pillows in caskets
bamlambian 2y ago The crack in bathroom stalls


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