30 of the Dumbest Questions People Have Been Asked

One person asked if a mirror had an expiration date
30 of the Dumbest Questions People Have Been Asked

When we were children on a quest for knowledge, teachers used to say, “There’s no such thing as a dumb question.” Now that we’re adults, though, we know that isn’t true. While it’s admirable to ask questions in order to learn, we have Google these days, which means sparing other people the burden of humoring your stupidity

But apparently not everyone has gotten that memo. Whether it’s inquiring about a mirror’s expiration date or asking to pay for something in cash over the phone, these Redditors have been the victims of some of the dumbest questions imaginable. 

Jamochajon . 5y I was weighing a patient, and she asked me if it measured in Celsius. ... 9k
TrynUrLuck. 5y Someone asked me at work if this mirror was expired because it had a manufactured date on the back.... ... 2.2k
lebaneseblondechick 5y I used to be a cast member at a rennaisance faire, and we did fairly historic reenactment, right down to the wood burning oven at our village inn. I once had a grown man ask me if the fire in the fire pit was real, and what would happen if he stuck his hand in it.
busykim . 5y Had a customer ask if she could pay her bill over the phone. I asked what kind of credit card.... cash. She wanted to pay cash over the phone. ... 8.3k
NittanyJim 5y About 25 years ago I was explaining time zones to a 20ish year old intern at a large scientific agency. She wasn't getting it, so i got an orange I brought for lunch and used it as the Earth. Me: Ok, pretend this is the Earth. The sun only shines on one side, so it's day on approximately half at any given time. Now since the Earth rotates (as i spin the orange)... Intern: So wait. Hold on. So you're saying the Earth is round? I wish i was joking. ... 2.5k
AlexVanderspek94 . . 5y I used to work at Disney World and a question I would get on the daily is What time is the 3 o'clock parade? ... 8.9k
Supersayian495 . 5y If pasta is a food. She then proceeded to actually argue that it wasn't. ... 543
-SkaffenAmtiskaw- . 5y Boss: Could you print out that file, scan it, and email it to me? Me: I could just email it to you. Boss: ... ... 23.1k
noahtherichman . 5y my own sister asked me how we were related to my grandparents ... 12.1k
LOIL99 . 5y In grade 10 science a girl argued vehemently with our teacher that zebras were a mythical creature, like a unicorn. After asking why they paint the stripes on the horses for the nature videos. I assure you, it was not a troll. ... 928
moe_skweeto . . 3y *trying to move one of those big, multi purpose weight machines, and they noticed it's set to its heaviest setting* Why don't we set it to its lightest setting so it'll be lighter?
nighthawkcoupe. . 5y (Looking at her sandwich) What animal does turkey come from? ... 2.6k
Sirygra . 5y What day of the week is Good Friday on this year? ... 2.3k
bjv2001 . . 5y Don't you find it stupid that Obama is the only president without a last name? ... 19.7k
deadpoop69 . 5y Wasn't that building destroyed on 9-11? She was pointing to the Prudential Center in Boston. ... 10.3k
asleepunderthebridge . 5y I'm a girl, and I had very short hair when I start high school. By my junior year, it was long enough that I kept it up in a ponytail 96% of the time. A girl stops me in the hallway. Are you not gay anymore? Me: ???? Her: well, I mean, you grew your hair out... ... 1.5k
xoxomaxine . 5y Lived in Louisiana for 2 years. Worked at a department store. A grown woman asked me so what are you? Black or white? .....I'm Asian. I was the first Asian she met. ... 2.6k
sambooka21 . 5y Girl I knew was telling another girl how she was born at home rather than the hospital, she looked shocked and genuinely asked, with no sarcasm whatsoever, was your Mum there too?, I was flabbergasted to say the least - we were around 15 ... 1.7k
BY AD Waluigifan . . 5y I had someone ask the teacher in science class why fire wasn't on the periodic table. Now, that wouldn't be stupid except for the fact that he proceeded to argue his point that fire is an element until the teacher started ignoring him. ... 2.9k
DariusDesmond . . 5y After being given a JPEG of a chair by a client, he asked me to rotate the chair so we could see the back of it. Took 20 minutes to detail all the reasons I couldn't and how he had to take a picture of the back himself. ... 508
ljhns . 5y While watching Frozen with a group of friends, my brothers girlfriend, 30 minutes in looks confused and upset and looks me in my eyes and asks If their parents died, are they still sisters. She had been thinking about it for 30 minutes. I had to console her and let her know that if her parents died, her sister would still be her sister. ... 1.1k
stopstealingmyname . 3y What are eggs made of?. Not like chemical make up, but if they had flour in them. Cause of the whites. If they had butter in them. Cause of the yolk. This kid (23 y/o) was a box of bricks. ... 154
kaleidoverse . 3y A guy I used to work with asked me whether French and Italian were the same language. I appreciate that he was making an attempt to learn, at least. ... 62
SwimminAss . 3y Are lizards animals? This was a highschool senior. They weren't joking ... 113
room32a . 3y My mom asked me if Florida is in California. We're Canadian and she's been to both states. ... 149
quirkybirdie23. 5y (Middle/high school) My friend asked me why all the sports awards on display were for girls. We went to a girls school. ... 597
Better_than_Zero . 5y I'm from Oregon. I went out-of-state for college. Someone from the East Coast asked me if I knew Steve. Не literally thought that Oregon had so few people that I might know a random person named Steve. ... 541
thestonez . 5y On a map, is the blue part the water or the sky? ... 1.3k
gogigod . . 5y I told one of my classmates I got malaria when I was a baby and she was like, Oh my god?! Did you survive?? ... 2.2k
putinssistersbrother . . 5y While explaining that there is a job for just about everyone in the army, even people that don't really have a job in mind can just go infantry. You.. You mean I can have babies for the army? ... 1.2k
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