23 of the Funniest Tweets from September 12, 2023

23 of the Funniest Tweets from September 12, 2023

When Kim Kardashian gave her advice to women in business that “it seems like nobody wants to work these days,” it’s hard to believe just how far-reaching the now-infamous quote would be. Case in point: During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Cardi B complained that pole dancers have gotten “lazy.” The former stripper said she still tips very generously, but she criticized today’s dancers, noting, “The girls don’t even climb the pole.”

While some strippers might not be working hard, there are a few women who will be very soon. Just a day after Drew Barrymore recorded two episodes for her eponymous daytime talk show, it was announced that Jennifer Hudson, Sherri Shepherd and the panelists at The Talk would all be returning to production as well. With a fairly strict embargo on actors and writers promoting any of their work until a fair deal with the studios is reached, it’ll be interesting to see how they fill hours of television when all guests can do is talk about what they ate for breakfast and their recent vacations. 

Here’s the good news, though: Despite Elon Musk’s best efforts to ruin the website, posters on Twitter are still giving us some of their best work. Today’s timeline funny business includes tweets about British-Italian fusion, the unlikeliest motivation for literacy and Aaron Rodgers’ rather abrupt, Achilles-shredding New York Jets debut.

Max @PointSpreadMax 20h ... Aaron Rodgers is down. KE MA 577 5,808 34.6K 4M

Gion @gheeontoast-17h look I grew up on a farm, I know if Aaron Rodgers is taking that much dewormer AND he hurt his ankle, it's time to put him down. 39 is VERY old for a horse. 1 2 32 1,275

Football Is Life @FootbaIL_Tweets - 19h Zach Wilson when they told him to put his helmet on بر1 EU 8 976 7,360 470K

XIIXII IXII XI XIIXII ط Riley Writts @RileyWritts 19h ... + Idris Elba was right to kick her out the car with that roaring 20s lingerie she had on. Siren @siaxcvii . 1d I would have to be put down with horse tranquilizer if my husband came home and told me this happened BINGE SOCIETY © 2009 Screen Gems Inc All Rights Reserved. 46 1,486 5,409 335K

LIAM @liamsevenaugust - 1h he's handsome, unproblematic has his on own money and a stable job so we know for a fact she isn't talking to him Pop Base @PopBase. 2h Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce have been 'quietly hanging out,' The Messenger reports. 100 LIIV 183 1,621 27.7K 851K

@Martiijnn 5h The SAG receiving the donation C $5 . b billboard @billboard . 5 5h billboard Jamie Lynn Spears Joins 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast: 'I'll Donate My Weekly Salary to SAG' blbrd.cm/ WY9eJJs 6 153 873 57.5K

Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio 2h huge day for powerpuff girls pfp twitter Pop Base @PopBase.2h iPhone 15 will be available in pink. #AppleEvent 32 489 9,867 386K

Criminal Tweets @crim_tweets_.18h Young Actors Who Quietly Passed Away This Year OtherBuzz Celebrity News chandler riggs @chandlerriggs i wish LOL 10 273 10.4K 201K

Feral Pawg Hunter @man_ditch 20h me, to a girl: cool, have fun me, in the boys chat: omg youre gonna have such a tell me all about it laterrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good time, bro!!1 111 5 11 175 5,929

sar @softlilheart . 12h capacity Follow ill never win an idgaf war love disarms me completely and im bleeding out 4 2,496 8,111 230K

@outrosun 16h ... dating scene is so bad i picked up a book and became literate again 5 815 3,834 148K

Aidan @aidanthereup 23h ... Sat, Sep 11, 12:31 PM Checking in. Sun, Sep 12, 10:25 AM Checking in. Tue, Sep 21, 1:56 PM i'm bad Delivered Thursday 10:24 AM Checking in. Today 1:37 AM i'm doing bad 4 158 1,288 86K

sober october @longterm... 22h ... r/Psychedelics WESOME! u/bluetrickisme 1h 18 NSFW Can you get a mild High on milk? Today I bought 1L milk on my lunch break. I frank it all in a span of 7 min and about 3 min after I finished it I got a mild high like I just took 1/4 of a joint. Does anyone know if it's just me or is there a psychedelic effect in milk? Vote 14 Share + 49 400 6,832 305K

Jason Kirk (jasonkirk.fyi on blu... 9h ... Me in eighth grade: Joe. Mv. God. JoeMyGod @JoeMyGod·1 1d Tim Scott: I Have A Real Life Christian Female Girlfriend joemygod.com/2023/09/tim-sc... FOX SCOTT ADDRESSES WORRIES OVER HIS SINGLE STATUS ONENATION NEWS COMING UP ONE NATION W BRIAN KILMEADE JON GORDON channel 15 110 2,041 232K

Soundwave @LocalSoundwave. 18h ... Aaron Rodgers aint got no family, no friends, no girl, no pets, bro is just going home tonight with 1 working leg to a totinos pizza 15 265 2,065 del 80K

Claire Lower @clairelizzie.23h ... i love when apple is like we are going to install updates tonight when you are sleeping and when you wake up they're just like couldn't do it! you slept weird and we couldn't do it! 32 3,114 50.4K du 935K

mother theresa updates @... . 15h ... WHATSGSGSHHSBSHSHSGSGZBSBSN SBD LookingNow Today Hey 1:01 AM Were you at the Planet Fitness at Canal street? 1:02 AM wth yes 1:03 AM Ok your hot 1:04 AM You have dom top in your name but I could hear Selena Gomez blasting through your beats lol 1:06 AM 150 2,638 39.4K 1.1M

cass city @HeavenlyGrandpa 1d ... i am at a CAKE concert and it's a HUGE night for guys who wear this hat 8 6 358 9,329

Super 70s Sports @Super70... 1d ... I asked Al to make Mick Jagger a Muppet and it did not disappoint me... 277 983 9,564 697K

Zit Burton @bethbeforedecaf - 1d ... no. way. itv1 LIZ ANYA RAVI OLI £5,000 56 563 7,792 691K

патÉраç raver @mathaiaus. 9h ... Someone told me that the French language laws in Quebec are so strict that even KFC is PFK (Poulet Fris Kentucky) so I had to check on Google Maps for myself and now I'm screaming into a pillow DOME PLS. POLECE PFK ٣١ 364 2,576 28.8K 1.3M

miguel @halfmooneyyes.1 1d I JUST GOT FIRED miguel @halfmooneyyes • 1d boss saw me eating a protein bar i didn't pay for and now i'm scared he's suspicious that i steal.............. GIF 362 1,960 62K 4M

@CheemaWRLD.1d bro: hey bro the Halloween party is cancelled me already dressed: - life will from thind 229 8,475 101K 4.3M
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