22 Hilariously Mean Burns From the Week of September 4th, 2023

You gotta wonder what Andrew was saying…
22 Hilariously Mean Burns From the Week of September 4th, 2023

Jeff Nichols, whose films often dive deep into the machinations of blue collar America, is back with a movie about the trials and tribulations of a Chicago biker gang in the 1960s. After its premiere at the 50th Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, a trailer hit the web for the public’s first glimpse of the movie. But nobody’s focusing on Austin Butler’s potential for an Oscar nomination, or the emotionally propulsive clips of Jodie Comer. Instead, everyone is trying to figure out what accent Tom Hardy has created for the role, as he’s known to do things with linguistics that have yet to be understood. 

That said, Hardy’s accent isn’t the only thing getting roasted this week. Other gnarly burns include those about your grandmother’s favorite search engine, a couple of awful professors, and of course, Elon Musk.

rare insults @insultsrare. 3d ... Laura @baecerra Rate my professor is really something AWFUL BIO66 For Credit: N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Used: No Would Take Again: N/A Grade Received: N/A I never wore my seatbelt while driving to school because i wanted to die before making it to his class 105 9,329 147K 4.5M
Luke C-Walker @SuaveBry 2d They gone give birth to a pelican. , @sgrate_.2d That baby gon have some features 952 9,346 45.5K 4.2M
SDL @SocDoneLeft. 1d ... Elon Musk has been divorced three (3) times Elon Musk X @elonmusk 38m ... X Women are so hard to read We'll actually we just wan- Such complex creatures... If you just liste- So mysterious 3,414 3,606 34.4K 1.8M 295 3,779 84.6K 2.6M
jacqui @scandalabras 1d Okay I WILL be seeing this but also DIRECTOR: Hey Tom Hardy here is some weird shit we're gonna put on your face to hide your beautiful little kissy lips pretty boy mouth ТОМ HARDY, ENTIRELY NOT LISTENING BECAUSE HE'S BUSY FORMULATING AN ACCENT NO HUMAN BEING ON EARTH HAS EVER FUCKING HAD: Sure boss 10 20th Century Studios C... 1d Let's ride. BIKER Watch the brand-new trailer for The 2:03 Bikeriders, starring Au... FICIAL TRAIL 61 2,966 30K 2M
kate wagner (castle era) @mc... 1d ... this is the playlist someone makes after frantically googling 'music' Populism Updates @Populi... 1d Politico asked Vivek Ramaswamy to make a playlist: Lose Yourself - Eminem Rondo Alla Turca-Mozart Centuries-Fall Out Boy Believer - Imagine Dragons Jolene-Dolly Parton Thunder-Imagine Dragons Dream On-Aerosmith Pastures of Plenty-Woody Guthrie 210 4,126 64K 4.3M
Liam @Hezbolsonaro 1d ... We are facing unprecedented ecological collapse dumbass Sauerkraut_lover_99 Rival... 2d Did bugs just evolve their way into avoiding roads lol? I remember when my dad drove for a long time you could hardly see with all the dead bugs 1998 2021
rob @OkButStill.3d ... clearing out the back to school section at target with your boy Bill Maher @billmaher.5d I always have a great time when I get to see my friends in Texas especially @JoeRogan! the Rolling Stones POILE ALERT OUS FAT 12 371 8,899 598K
Andrew Nadeau @TheAndrew... 6d ... Hung out with some new people and after they left my girlfriend said, ...What if we had some kind of hand signal for when you should stop talking? 163 1,794 45K 1.4M
samuel @samtrayter 4d ... pov: you just read tuck everlasting in 7th grade and are stupid Elon Musk X Subscribe X @elonmusk May you live forever is the worst possible curse once you understand deep time 3:31 PM 9/3/23 from Earth 16.2M Views 14.8K Reposts 2,672 Quotes 137K Likes 2,137 Bookmarks 2 26 425 13.5K
rare insults @insultsrare . 1d Did you cook this with sunlight? bren @remonteta . 2d can't beat a full english 172 2,125 38.6K 1,000K
rare insults @insultsrare 1d ... Search: unironiclipsyncvideos lore 4,742 comments X chloeapabon I know his bitmoji is crazy accurate 5d Reply 35.9K 37 306 10.5K del 272K
madam senatHER @reallifesenator.3d RateMyProfessor.com QUALITY 320M AWFUL 1.0 For Credit Yes Attendance Mandatory Grade Not sure yet Textbook: Yes Shut yo stupid ass up clown DIFFICULTY 5.0 TOUGH GRADER GET READY TO READ PARTICIPATION MATTERS PLEASE DO NOT WRITE Cty PROJECTOR SCREENS مسا 55 3,615 68.9K 2M
Eraig @ccrregg 1d Imagine successfully planning an escape from prison. you pick up a smart phone and see what people are saying about your daring escape, and discover people are referring to you as 'prison escape twink' Metropolitan Police @metpoliceuk.2 2d We are urgently appealing to trace Daniel Khalife, who escaped from Wandsworth Prison this morning. Не has links to #Kingston - police efforts to trace him are ongoing. Не should not be approached. If you have info on his whereabouts, call 999 quoting CAD 1631/06SEP23
Charles J. Moore @charles270.2d That baby is coming out chin first , . @sgrate_ .2d That baby gon have some features 30 58 176 26.4K
KahleighComedy @BigJunieKC.3d That baby dumb!!!! Why they hand the wrong way? Speed @_speedfromtx.3d You deserve to find someone to start a family & enjoy life with.... 665 5,548 27.9K 2.1M
Junior @JrMoneyGetting- 2d what on earth could have possibly made you go buy these halo 4 ass guns for defense TP @OGxTP.3d It's no reason in 2023 u live in a state that allows и to own guns and u don't carry one and keep a few at the spot lol it's just absurd. 939 5,580 74.9K 6.4M
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 3d don't have enemies so I have to beef with a search engine Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio-2 22h leonardo dicaprio just switched to yahoo HD Dexerto @Dexerto.22h Google turned 25 years old today Google 396K 695 39.3K 18.9M Yahoo @Yahoo.5m yahoo! We're 29 1 16 del 306 Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio 0.3m pushing 30 still calling yourself yahoo 7 del 307 146 6,475 165K 3.1M
m @midosommar 2d ... Went on a date with a guy and he tweeted I love my men a little ugly right after C Greens Foreperson NICHOLAS THORNS Greens Persons DONNA BROOKER HARRISON BEGG Lead Scenic Painter TONY RUSH Paint Foreperson ANNA JENKINS Standby Painter LAUREN MAY STEWART 0:43 x From all reaction videos 109 2,904 45.9K 1.4M
Clit Dempsey @thotzekage. 3d Evading tolls by posting your distinct vehicle with the license plate numbers visible on your social media account is a choice that George bush couldn't even replicate DaBaby. @kirabaeee.3d I nvr seen no shit like this before hn CC Payin toll who 0:02 4,700 34.1K 1.2M 38
bee @jglesbians 2d he's so selfish acting in girl movies when the usa national men's volleyball team needs a middle blocker linda @itgirlenergy . 3 3d The giant effect is crazy Laughing - - pir 7,778 3.3M 83 103K
walker @walkercapl.1 14h ... I'm practicing going На ha ha! and hitting a table. To replace Jimmy Fallon 6 179 2,900 del 97.3K
guy @lyfeofguy 11h Joe Jonas was tired of Sophie Turner putting the cups in the top cabinet, far from his reach, TMZ reports 365 13.9K 122K 2.6M
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