15 Raunchy Chemical Terms That Sound So Crude the Other Scientists Will Soil Their Lab Coats

15 Raunchy Chemical Terms That Sound So Crude the Other Scientists Will Soil Their Lab Coats

There’s a lot going on with science. On the one hand, it’s an ongoing quest to try to make sense of the universe, to find order in chaos, to explain and define the extraordinarily complex processes going on all around us and within us. On the other, sometimes chemicals have funny names that sound like butts or whatever.

Scientists are generally fairly unshockable. The nature of the scientific method means they typically know what they’re looking at, and that they’re not prone to suddenly go, “Oh my god, poop!” if they’re analyzing fecal matter. But certain substances have names, for various reasons, that sound either shockingly horny or strikingly disgusting.

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The Delight of Fukalite

Fukalite is another mineral, a very rare form of calcium silico-carbonate, first discovered in the Fuka mine in Japan. It's also what moths seem to keep trying to do. CRACKED


Arsole Chemistry

Arsole is a compound form of arsenic, and the subject of the 1972 paper Unusual Substitution in an Arsole Ring. In 2005, a Finnish scientist explored what arsoles smell like, in a test entitled Arsole Aromaticity Revisited. CRACKED

Source / ACS 

Welshite Is, Well, Quite Nice Actually

Welshite was formally described by Paul Brian Moore, arguably the greatest mineralogist of the 20th century. Не named it after the science teacher, Wilfred R. Welsh, an amateur mineralogist, biker and fossil collector, who inspired him. Nothing shite about that. CRACKED


Science Is Difficult: Fucitol!

он ОН но OH CH3 он Found in nutmeg and seaweeds, fucitol (C6H1405) can be used as an antibacterial agent. It's also fun to shout at the top of your voice in an incredibly stressed manner, veins popping out of your head, covered in sweat. CRACKED

Source / Fisher 

Retarded Acid: Absolutely Unacceptable

Retarded acid is hydrochloric acid with its reaction slowed so it can travel further into a substance retaining its potency. It has many industrial applications, but holy shit, you can't call something that. You sound like a copper nanotube. CRACKED

Source / SLB 

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