15 Confessions, Insults and Complaints We Were Never Supposed to Hear

There are a disturbing amount of presidents on this list.
15 Confessions, Insults and Complaints We Were Never Supposed to Hear

Microphones are peculiar things. If you’re not used to using one, it feels really special, but if you’re a politician or celebrity, you get so used to wearing them, or having them trained on you, that you can just forget. While everyone occasionally says mean-spirited things the world dean’t need to hear, most of us do so without expensive audio equipment and recording devices picking up and broadcasting every hateful syllable.

The unfiltered nature of hot-mic incidents mean that the public feel they get to see the “real” version of the person involved. If a star’s public image is squeaky-clean, then footage comes out where they’ve forgotten they’re miked up and express reprehensible views, they’re done — we’ve seen who they really are.

There’s all sorts of stuff you could accidentally reveal, of course. You could mutter a hideous slur, and everyone would know you were a piece of shit. You could express a cynical viewpoint entirely at odds with your public image, and everyone would know you were a bullshitter. Or you could freely admit to committing a crime, and end up either in prison or the White House.

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The Sports Commentator Who Wasn’t Sitting on the Fence — Or Net

In 2022, Australian presenter Rachel Maddern was recorded discussing an unvaccinated tennis player: Whatever way you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky, arsehole. Не got a bullshit fucking excuse and then fell over his own fucking lies. CRACKED

Source / Instagram 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Election Erection

CANADA An unnamed CBC producer accidentally broadcast his thoughts on politician Stockwell Day's daughter-in-law, commenting, This is Logan Day's wife. I've never met her, but apparently she's got tits that'd stop a- before being cut off by an alert, less-horny technician. CRACKED

Source / Tumblr 

One Man’s Mission to Disprove the ‘Polite Canadian’ Stereotype

Commentating at the 2016 Olympics, CBC commentator Byron MacDonald described a 14-year-old Chinese relay swimmer to a colleague, unaware he was being broadcast, in the bafflingly offensive manner she went out like stink and died like a pig. CRACKED


Fart Messages from Space

Apollo 16 astronaut John Young told his crewmate - and, unknowingly, Mission Control - II have the farts again. I got 'em again, Charlie. Не blamed his intestinal issues on eating too much citrus fruit, before being politely informed by Houston that he was broadcasting. CRACKED


The Prime Minister and the Bastards

In 1993, U.K. Prime Minister John Major forgot his microphone was on after an interview, referred to three of his MPs as a bunch of bastards and openly wondered how such a complete wimp like me keeps winning everything. Awwww. CRACKED

Source / CNN 

England Soccer Manager’s Racist Disgrace

ASTO VILLA UMBI STONYELLE Former England national soccer team manager Ron Atkinson was unknowingly being broadcast when he used the n-word to describe player Marcel Desailly, specifying he was also fucking lazy and thick. Не immediately resigned and is rarely seen on screens now. CRACKED

Source / AVFC 

Trump’s Pussy-Grabbing

FB Probably the most infamous, damning statement in a career filled with infamous, damning statements, Trump's pro-sexual assault remarks were made when he was miked up for an interview with Access Hollywood that he was apparently aware of. CRACKED


Durst’s Toilet Talk

While filming documentary The Jinx, real estate heir and murder suspect Robert Durst visited the bathroom forgetting he was still wearing a microphone and said to himself, damningly, What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course. CRACKED


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