14 A+ Puns from Celebrities

It’s hard to admit, but these puns are pretty good. For puns!
14 A+ Puns from Celebrities

Puns, dad jokes, whatever you’d like to call them, they initially seem like they’ll induce eye rolls that’ll throw out your neck, but they can end up eliciting a giggle. Maybe even a full blown belly laugh if you’re in the mood, you silly goose. The line between amazing and tragic here is razor thin, so as funny as we thought these were, you’ll have to judge for yourself. But hey, in the name of a good time, try to keep an open mind. You might just enjoy yourself.

Normally we tend to be a little high and mighty about our comedic tastes, but if these celebrities and seasoned veteran comedians got down with puns, heck, we could put our guard down and track down a few guilty pleasures. Just this once. Okay, unless our editors tell us to find more at some point. And who are we to wet-blanket a celebrity’s good time? Like a masturbating ghost, do you, boo. Sorry. Here are 14 A+ celebrity puns that are a plus. Sorry. 

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It was a bathroom, so yeah, we hope they weren’t peeping.

Tom Hanks was the only Tom having fun in that bathroom. On Conan O'Brien's segment Hanks Secrets, Hanks said that at the 1998 Oscars, he was in the bathroom stall next to Tom Selleck and joked, Looks like we're a couple of peeing Toms. Не then said, His angry silence is something I'll never forget. CRACKED

Source / CNN 

Here’s one joke he won’t have to apologize for. Well, maybe.

A rare innocent joke from Tracy Morgan. What's the best social media snack? Insta-Graham crackers! CRACKED

Source / Carolines 

Get these mother-punin’ puns on this mother-punin’ plane.

Aw, Samuel L. Jackson didn't curse in this one. How do you catch a unique animal? You nique up on it. CRACKED

Source / CNN 

Next time you’re at the marina with Tom and Marsha…

A nautical pun from Ike Barinholtz. Why didn't the boat dock? Too much pier pressure. CRACKED

Source / Cheatsheet 

Rural or urban, who doesn’t love a good queef joke?

Phoebe Bridgers did drag as Queef Urban. During a Boygenius show in Nashville, the band protested Tennessee's anti-drag show bill by performing in drag. Phoebe Bridgers' alias Queef Urban is just hilarious. CRACKED

Source / Pitchfork 

He’s clearly chosen his Batman. Ours is Keaton, but to each his own.

We're glad Tom Hopper didn't bail on this one. What do you call it when Batman skips church? A Christian bail! CRACKED

Source / People 

Man, we really hope he tells Tom Cruise this joke one day.

Will Ferrell's ode to Tom Cruise. If spaghetti made an action movie, what would it be called? Mission Im-pasta-ble. CRACKED

Source / Deadline 

This kid stole our hearts.

Boris Johnson's childish joke. Did you hear the joke about the burglar who escaped from prison? Не said, 'I'm free! I'm free!' Then a little chap said, 'Well so what? I'm four.'''' CRACKED

Source / NBC 

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