12 Celebrities Who Really Know How to Hold a Grudge

12 Celebrities Who Really Know How to Hold a Grudge

Some of you had a lifetime to make nice, and you just couldn’t. We know how seriously you all like to take “the biz,” er whatever you call it, but cutesy stuff like music and playing make-believe on camera should not be taken seriously enough to spark decades-long (heck, even life-long) feuds. We wish that squashing the beef was that simple. In a perfect world, every celebrity on this list would read this article, nod along like, ‘Maybe you’re right, Cracked,’ then pick up the phone and say, apologize to Ja Rule for calling him a “Wankster.” Then, since it’s a perfect world, they’d all tell their other celebrity pals that Cracked.com is the place to be!

When we think about it, the stakes are pretty high in this now multi-billion dollar industry, and that tension can clearly help spark some serious feuds. Coupled with the fact that creative types’ bread and butter is drama and expression, you’ve got yourself a recipe for life-long grudgery. Here are 12 celebrities who can teach us all a thing or two about holding a grudge.

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If she’s got “Bette Davis eyes,” they’d be staring daggers at Joan Crawford.

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The feud started in 1933 over competing for headlines, and the affection of actor Franchot Tone. It reached a boiling point on and off set of their 1962 film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? The life-long feud inspired the FX show Feud. CRACKED


Hey, 14 years isn’t too bad.

Elton John and Madonna. In 2002, Elton called Madonna's track for Die Another Day the worst Bond tune of all time. In 2012, they were both nominated for a Best Original Song Golden Globe, and Elton said that Madonna had no chance of beating him, but Madonna won. In 2016, he saw her in a restaurant, and sent over an apology note. CRACKED

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Thrash Metal’s “Big Beef” amongst the “Big Four.”

Metallica and Dave Mustaine. motorhead Mustaine was an original member, but was kicked out in 1983. Не formed Megadeth out of revenge and animosity towards Metallica, and they trashed each other in interviews. They reunited once in 2011 for a 30th anniversary show, but kept publicly discussing their issues, and have never fully reconciled. CRACKED


Their beef was no secret. Sorry.

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. In 1991, Campbell was threatened by the up and coming Banks, and was incredibly mean to her. They attempted to work things out in 2005, but in 2020, Campbell posted a screenshot of an article calling Banks the real mean girl. CRACKED


To boldly go… To your graves with grudges.

William Shatner and George Takei. They've been at odds since 1966, and in 1988 Takei initially refused to reprise his role for Star Trek V because Shatner was directing. For Shatner's roast in 2006, Takei said, I had 40 years of material, and they only gave me four minutes. CRACKED


The changing of the guard.

50 Cent and Ja Rule. ny ? In 1999, a friend of 50 stole Ja's chain at gunpoint, and 50 dropped a track mocking Ja's Murda chant. In an Atlanta nightclub, Ja's friend Black Child was arrested for stabbing 50. In 2002, 50's hit Wanksta basically ended Ja's career, and they've traded insults ever since. CRACKED


Of course Jimmy was the one to finally play nice.

Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers. With appearances on The Tonight Show in the '60s, Carson made Rivers a household name. When she got her own late night show in 1986, he never spoke to her again. Even Leno upheld her Tonight Show ban during his tenure, but Fallon had her on in 2014. CRACKED


Just let them go at it. It’ll be hilarious.

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. In 2014, Orlando Bloom punched Bieber for being overly flirtatious with his then-wife Miranda Kerr (effectively ending their marriage). Bloom was photographed with Bieber's ex Selena Gomez in 2016. CRACKED


Just a couple’a New Yorkas goin’ at it, brah.

Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell &NOW In 2006, O'Donnell ripped into him over the Miss USA pageant controversy, and they've traded insults since. Не mocked her weight-loss surgery and departure from The View, and she has actively protested his presidency. CRACKED


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