13 Celebrities with Ridiculous Ties to History

If these celebs thought they were the big shots in their family tree, they were wrong.
13 Celebrities with Ridiculous Ties to History

If this doesn’t make you want to spit in a cup and mail it to some dude, we don’t know what will. We just got back from the mailbox ourselves. We’re not exactly sure how it all works but, like a message in a bottle, we just hope our Starbucks cup of spit will one day find someone who can help. Unlocking the identifying power of DNA has been a game-changer. It’s not only the reason the show Cold Case Files exists, it’s now a direct link to our lineage. And seriously, Cold Case Files, how many times can you tell the same old “this person was murdered in the 80s but now we can match DNA, so we found the killer” story?!

Sorry, back to the only other use for DNA matching. Sites like ancestry.com are incredibly useful for anyone looking to delve deeper into their family’s story. It’s just straight-up interesting. And what’s more interesting than a famous person’s link to another famous person?! Nothing. Here are 13 celebrities with ridiculous ties to history.

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Norton then boned up on his family story with a rewatching of the Disney flick.

CRACKED EDWARD NORTON IS A DIRECT DESCENDANT OF POCAHONTAS. Pocahontas and John Rolfe were his 12th great-grandparents. The ancestry was traced via the couple's 1614 marriage certificate. Norton said, It just makes you realize what a small piece of the whole human story you are.

CNN / Hollywood Reporter 

The one family member who actually out-did Tom Hanks.

CRACKED ТОМ HANKS IS RELATED TO ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Through Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, Tom is Abe's third cousin, four times removed.

Bustle / CNN 

She makes a much different kind of art, but creativity definitely runs in the family.

CRACKED TINA FEY'S ANCESTOR HAS ART IN THE MET. Her 5th great-grandfather John Hewson was a master quilt-maker whose work hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. To this day, textile historians study his work. au ESTD H 19 ork stage IW W

Youtube / Popsugar 

Okay, spin-off show idea… Sister, Sister, 13th Great-Grandfather.

CRACKED TIA AND TAMARA MOWRY'S ANCESTOR WAS AT THE FIRST THANKSGIVING. Their 13th great-grandparents William and Mary Bruster were on the Mayflower. William was the ruling elder, who led the prayer at the first Thanksgiving with the indigenous people. IMAGE AWA S НЕ 43RD NAACP MAGE AWARDS THE 43P MA NA

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