13 Reasons It’s Probably Time to Get Off Dating Apps

One woman tried to hire a hitman to kill her Tinder match’s wife.
13 Reasons It’s Probably Time to Get Off Dating Apps

Ah, the world of online dating. A place where love can be found, but also a place where danger lurks. From the comfort of your own home, you can find a potential partner, but you may also find yourself in some dangerous and uncomfortable situations.  

With the rise of dating apps, it seems like finding love has never been easier, but for every success story, there are countless horror stories of people who have had their hearts broken, their wallets emptied, or worse. This list of 13 Awful Stories From Dating Apps is a testament to the risks and dangers associated with online dating. From murder to robbery to sexual assault, these stories are a reminder of the risks associated with meeting someone online.

But don’t let these stories scare you away from the world of online dating. There are also many positive stories out there about people who have met their soulmates through dating apps. Just remember to always be safe and be aware of the potential risks.

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