Welcome, dear reader, to a world of the utterly surreal. A world where Ted Cruz thinks Joe Biden can be convicted of murder if he sings Pat Benatar while dressed as the devil and killing kids. A world where artificial intelligence leads church services and Nazi-loving Disney fans gather at the gates of the Magic Kingdom. A world where drivers strike against Amazon and Reddit moderators flex their power.

It can be easy to forget that this world is not so different from our own. We can find ourselves in these stories, and in doing so, gain a better understanding of the world around us. We can see our own struggles, hopes, and fears reflected in these stories.

It’s a strange world we live in, but it’s the one we have. This list is a look at some of the bizarre and interesting things that have been happening in the world in the past month. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Nazi-loving Disney fans.

Nazis at Disney: A magical day out. 4F MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON FATTA - - name 22 WALT Disn In June 2023, a group of protesters gathered at one of the main entrances to Disney World. They were waving Nazi flags, holding signs saying DeSantis 2024, and shouting as cars drove by. CRACKED

lenniequest/TikTok (via Disney Dining)

Disney Dining

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