13 Times Getting Canceled Was Just the Free Market in Action, Baby

13 Times Getting Canceled Was Just the Free Market in Action, Baby

Anyone in the public eye usually has some higher power to answer to. Their involvement with a movie, TV show, sports team, and/or sponsorship deal with a brand generally comes with expectations of maintaining a positive public image. Do some shit, lose some shit… It’s called accountability, baby! Way back in the day, most shady shit never even came to light, and if it did, it could be covered up real quick. Accountability began to (occasionally) rear its head, but it was only reserved for the complete monsters. Not like today. These days, accountability has a hair trigger.

Companies will sever ties to protect their reputation over a tweet, because associating with a now-controversial figure can lead to lost profits and potential boycotts. The “cancel culture” debate is usually over the fact that said “canceled” person can actually be innocent of said shady shit, but because of the power of public opinion, companies have to distance themselves from the overall controversy. Speaking of public opinion, whether you think they did or didn’t do it, or did or didn’t deserve it, here are 13 cancellations that definitely felt the wrath of the free market, baby!

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Peloton really regretted this cute little marketing opportunity.

Peloton pulled its Chris Noth ads after sexual assault allegations. ЕЕ STS NKEY 47 RZWALD DRY GIN CRACKED.COM Because his character Mr. Big dies after riding a Peloton, Peloton cheekily used Chris Noth in their ad. Shortly after, 3 women accused him of sexual assault, and Peloton quickly pulled the ad. Не was also dropped from The Equalizer film.


Yeah, once the word cannibalism gets thrown around…

Every studio cut ties with Armie Hammer. STAGE T WHITE MEN CRACKED.COM After a former girlfriend accused him of rape and abuse, and leaked texts revealed his apparent fetishes for rape, sadism and cannibalism, he was dropped from Billion Dollar Spy, and every other film he was attached to.


And every parent on Earth collectively cried, “I told ya so.”

Turns out Marilyn Manson may be everything your parents warned you about. AVE ? GRAGKED.COM Не was dropped from his record label Loma Vista Recordings after multiple women, including Evan Rachel Wood, accused him of sexual assault and false imprisonment. Не kept women locked up in a bad girls' room for long stretches without food or water.


I mean, the word “health” is right there in the title, Aaron.

Prevea Health dropped Aaron Rodgers for lying about getting the Covid vaccine. PACKERS CRACKED.COM After stating, Yeah, I'm immunized at a press conference, he contracted Covid shortly after. Не then went on the Pat McAfee Show to defend his decision to not get the vaccine. Не had been a Prevea spokesperson for a decade.

NY Post

That whole “be kind” motto was all for show.

Ellen's long, drawn out cancellation. CRACKED.COM After 19 years and over 3000 episodes, allegations of racism, sexual harassment and bullying brought the show to an end. Employees and former guests began speaking out in July 2020, but her show finally came to an end in May 2022.

The Things / CNN 

Maybe sit this one out, creator of the franchise.

J.K. Rowling wasn't invited to Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary. CRACKED.COM Because of her transphobic tweets in 2020, HBO didn't include Harry's creator in HBO Max's Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. The main Harry Potter trio have all publicly spoken out against Rowling's views.


The $1.5 billion remarks.

Anti-Semitism keeps Ye off the billionaire list. GRACKED.COM Because of his numerous anti-Semetic comments, Adidas dropped his Yeezy shoeline. Forbes estimates the deal was to be worth $1.5 billion.


They did not “want it that way,” Mr. Carter.

Nick Carter's rape allegations. CRACKED.COM ABC cancelled the Backstreet Boys Christmas reunion show in December 2022 after 4 women claimed that Nick Carter raped them.


Netflix immediately cut ties with Kevin Spacey.

House of Cards killed off Frank Underwood. CRACKED.COM After several sexual assault allegations (8 from the show's staff), Netflix immediately fired him and opened Season 6 with Claire Underwood telling citizens (and viewers) that Spacey's character Frank had died.


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